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Mahler Six
Mahler Six


Experience the tragedy, solace and drama of Mahler’s Sixth Symphony when Simone Young returns to the SSO.A ferocious march sets the stage for Mahler’s tragic and intensely moving Sixth Symphony. This is music by a composer obsessed with fate and it spills over with passion and fierce emotions. In the monumental finale, Mahler wrote three symbolic hammerblows of destiny – then deleted one in morbid fear the symphony would turn out to be prophetic. Simone Young restores it for dramatic power. She says it’s impossible to perform – or hear – this symphony without being drawn into a passionate and deeply emotional world. As a foil for the fervent intensity of Mahler, Young has invited longstanding musical collaborator Steve Davislim to perform Les Illuminations, Britten’s spellbinding songs, as vivid and opulent as the poetry that inspired them.