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Debussy And Shostakovich
Debussy And Shostakovich


Revel in the sounds of the harp and a powerful Shostakovich string quartet in this one-hour concert of chamber music.The modern concert harp was born in Paris and in this program SSO Principal Harp Louise Johnson features in three trios from the same milieu. In a whirlwind journey of musical beauties, you can hear the harp’s rippling grace, an imitation of Spanish guitar, its perfect partnership with the glistening sound of the flute, and Massenet’s nostalgic romance of lovers walking in an avenue of linden trees.Then there’s a complete change of pace and atmosphere with Shostakovich’s best-known string quartet. This is gripping music, popular precisely because of its dark, tragic character and powerful autobiographical undercurrents. It begins with Shostakovich’s musical initials (DSCH) and is full of quotations, from Tchaikovsky, from Wagner, from Revolutionary songs and his own music. What does it all mean? Its anguish speaks directly to the heart.