Sydney-Based Artist Olga Kol Selected for Fridge Art Fair NYC 2013

Sydney-Based Artist Olga Kol Selected for Fridge Art Fair NYC 2013
Painting by Olga Kol from her "8" series (detail)
(Courtesy Olga Kol)

Sydney-based artist Olga Kol has been selected to participate in the first edition of the new Fridge Art Fair NYC, an alternative art fair beind held during Frieze Week in New York from May 9-12 2013. Launched by Eric Ginsburg and Edgar Garcia of Theorize New York (TNY), Fridge aims to provide a less commercial alternative to Frieze and Pulse as well as focus attention on the “new” home of the “art world,” New York’s Lower East Side. Unlike other art fairs, Fridge participants are encouraged to be creative with their exhibition spaces which are offered with little limitation as to how they should look.

To find out more about Olga Kol and the Fridge Art Fair, ARTINFO Australia got in touch with Kol and asked her a few questions.

What led to your participation in the Fridge Art Fair?

I have a strong passion and connection with New York City. From my previous visits to the city I was inspired by the urban architecture which led me to this series, “NYC Edifices,” which I will exhibit in the fair. I was lined up to exhibit at another gallery in the Lower East Side, but decided not to go through with them. However, through my art connections on Facebook, I saw the Fridge Art Fair callout and said to myself, “I want to be in this Fair and wanted to exhibit this series in NYC.”

The Fridge Art Fair is “about being outside of the box, but yet inside the Fridge.” How does your work reflect this?

My work challenges and evokes ideals of femininity within certain environments, by being involved and inside the fridge the series sets the premise of my figures coming out of the box, so to speak ...

What do you have planned for your Fridge Art Fair space?

The body of work to be exhibited in Fridge Art fair comes from the series “NYC Edifices.” The work was inspired by the buildings within NYC. Combining the figures within the urban landscape = NYC FEMME FATALES ... I can't give away too much now ...

Do you have a connection to New York's Lower East Side, the location of the fair?

As I mentioned before I have this connection through good old Facebook with these guys (Fridge Art). However on my last trip to NYC, when I exhibited in the Fountain Art Fair, I made a connection with a gallerist who had a gallery in the LES, with whom I still keep in contact and with whom I was initially going to exhibit with. It was the time frame that didn't work with me, which in the end worked out better because I like the idea of being involved with this fair. Funny how things work out; I believe things happen for a reason.

You have exhibited in New York several times, how have New Yorkers reacted to your work?

The gallery owner in LES loved my work ... and with the crew at the Fountain Art Fair and the gallery in Chelsea I must say overall, I have had a really positive response.

For those Australians who are not familiar with you and your work, explain a bit about who you are and what you do

Olga Kol is a visual artist working within a multidisciplinary contemporary dialogue, to reflect universally felt sentiments. Committed to creativity and individuality Olga Kol’s compositions whisk the viewer away on a mystical journey into a sensuous jubilant world where the foremost motif is the female silhouette. Nude figures bathed in mood and mystery flow brilliantly as they metamorphose into a glowing vision of natural beauty.

Combining styles of abstraction and expressionism Kol’s semi-abstracted nudes come alive through symphony of brushstrokes and saturated colour. Addressing themes of female beauty, identify, and desirability, her sublime imagery urges the viewer to embrace life’s rich experiences. Weaving together these various threads, Olga Kol has given birth to an entirely new mode of expression and brings to life joyous figures.

To see more of Kol's work visit her website here