Could This Melbourne Gallery Space be the World’s Smallest?

Could This Melbourne Gallery Space be the World’s Smallest?
"The Duchess of Avon" by Marc Standing
(Courtesy Trink Tank Tank)

If this isn’t the world’s smallest gallery space then I don’t know what is. But can it even be called a gallery? Literally a hole in the wall, Melbourne’s Trink Tank Tank is a micro exhibition space located outside Australia’s smallest bar (Bar Americano).

Curated by Melbourne’s (full sized) Anna Pappas Gallery, the Trink Tank Tank is committed to showcasing the most creative identities in Melbourne and beyond from a wide range of disciplines, as long as they fit in the 20x30cm space.

The “Tank” is the brainchild of Matthew Bax, an art lover, entrepreneur and founder of Trink Tank, a creative hub to push the boundaries beyond the commercial restrictions and realities of the art/food/design/drink profession. “The driving force of the initiative is to bring a heightened personal experience to the traditional notion of drinking. In short, boozy art,” Bax explains.

Currently filling the Trink Tank Tank is an intriguing sculpture titled “The Duchess Of Avon” by Zimbabwe born, Sydney/Hong Kong based artist Marc Standing. Touching on themes of colonialism, identity, and displacement, “The Duchess Of Avon” was originally a 1970’s Avon perfume bottle until Standing got his hands on it.

The porcelain-white face of the bouquet-holding bride now wears a black tribal mask. Suffocating strands of coloured thread bleed from her once innocent bouquet. Yet the compromised bride remains unfazed, tall and proud she stands – “her stoic stance is one of pride and reverence,” Standing explains.

Marc Standing’s “The Duchess Of Avon” is on show until May 27 at 20 Presgrave Place, Melbourne CBD. For more info visit the Trink Tank Tank website here