Australian Illustrator Kerrie Hess Unveils Her Printemps Paris Commission

Australian Illustrator Kerrie Hess Unveils Her Printemps Paris Commission
Coutesy Kerrie Hess /
(Coutesy Kerrie Hess /

World renowned Australian illustrator Kerrie Hess has worked for some of the biggest names in the fashion world including Chanel,, Vogue, Louis Vuitton, and Tatler – and can now add to the list the famous French department store Printemps for whom Hess has produced a series of illustrations to promote their new building project.

To find out more about the Printemps commission, ARTINFO Australia got in touch with Hess and asked her a few questions.

What was the brief for the Printemps project?

The brief was to promote the newly refurbished Printemps building.  

How did you satisfy the brief?

I met with the Printemps team in Paris in February this year for the project. We discussed the visuals needed to convey the mood of the new building development and the essence of the “Printemps women” to also feature in the visuals. After our meeting I worked up the images of the building and the shoppers in watercolour.

What do the images you produced for the project convey?

Hopefully a classic chic Parisian style that is associated with Printemps. I also used pops of the signature Printemps fuscia pink and watermelon red, two of my favourite colours to work with.

Where will the images be displayed?

They will be used on 13 metre high billboards across France as well as in Printemps windows and at Paris Metro stations...

What was it like collaborating with Printemps?

Wonderful!  When I lived in Paris I used to visit the department store whenever I found myself strolling around Opera. It's such an iconic French brand, and I have always loved their advertising and branding, so it has been a thrill to work with them.  Even if my formal French was quite rusty for our meetings in Paris!

What were the main influences for the illustrations?

I think to convey that this part of the building’s refurbishment is very modern, which is in contrast to such a classic brand. And to capture the essence of the chic Parisian Printemps woman:  classic, chic, and fashion forward, but still in an understated way. Logos and obvious branding is not the aim for most Parisian women. Parisians tend to stick to classic styles rather than overly trend-based looks that may not survive a second season.  I would put this down to the tiny size of wardrobes in Paris, which I have experienced first hand...!