Australia’s Sutton Gallery Attracts Royalty at Dubai Art Fair

Australia’s Sutton Gallery Attracts Royalty at Dubai Art Fair
Lindy Lee "Fragments of the Way, 2012"
(Sutton Gallery)

Participating in Art Dubai for the third year in row in 2013, Melbourne’s Sutton Gallery presented a particularly successful exhibition of works by Australian artists Gordon Bennett and Lindy Lee as well as Melbourne-based Egyptian-born artist Raafat Ishak and Melbourne-based Pakastani-born artist Nusra Latif Qureshi.

The Sutton Gallery stand was apparently so engaging that it was visited by members from the royal families of Sharjah and Dubai who enquired about Ishak’s, Qureshi’s, and also Gordon Bennett’s works.

We were pleased to receive very strong interest in Lindy Lee’s work and a number of commissions are being discussed,” says Liz McDowell, co-director of Sutton Gallery. “Lee’s bronze wall works were easily two of the most photographed works in the Art Fair.”

McDowell also revealed that there was a fantastic response to Nusra Latif Qureshi’s paintings, from both private collectors and major institutions. There was particular interest in the artist’s “Accomplished Mission” series. 

The work of Raafat Ishak would undoubtedly have resonated with the residents of Dubai and the surrounding areas. Two of Ishak’s works, “The New Egypt,” 2012 and “The Old Egypt,” 2012, were sold to an institution.