Sydney Gets Shioked by Singapore-Inspired Designer Food Truck

Sydney Gets Shioked by Singapore-Inspired Designer Food Truck
(Eat Art Truck)

Sydney’s most innovative food truck, Eat Art Truck, has taken the food truck concept to a whole new level with the launch of the Singapore Shiok edition of their mobile eatery/street art installation. Sponsored by the Singapore Tourism Board as part of their “Get Lost and Find the Real Singapore” campaign, the Singapore Shiok Truck will be making appearances around Sydney serving signature Singaporean treats including Katong Laksa, Nonya chicken curry, stingray sambal, and Popiah.

Featuring a menu of affordable, top quality hawker-style food designed and created by 2012 MasterChef Australia finalist and Singaporean Audra Morric, the Singapore Shiok Truck has been launched as a means of showing people the real food of Singapore. “One of the best ways to discover the real Singapore is through its food; it offers an insight into the history, traditions and people of Singapore. In some countries meals can often be an excuse for a conversation; in Singapore, food is the conversation,” said Audra.

Adding to the vibrant scene of pop-up food vans, those dining at the truck will be encouraged to show their appreciation of the food by exclaiming shiok! (shee-oak) – a Singlish (Singapore local slang) term used to convey extreme pleasure and happiness, and commonly associated with food. If a dish truly hits the spot, the locals would instantly say it is shiok!

For the Singapore Shiok edition of Eat Art Truck, the signature removal canvas on the side of the truck has been decorated by Singaporean art director Herman Ho of renowned Singapore-based design agency DoodleRoom. The eye-catching design features a motif inspired by Merlion, a mythical creature with the head of a lion and the body of a fish that is regarded as a Singapore icon.

Eat Art Truck is the brainchild of former Tetsuya Sous Chef, Stuart McGill and former Quay chef, Brenton Balicki who dish up first-class, freshly prepared dishes to Sydney-siders. Featuring a constantly changing menu of progressive street food centred around American BBQ and Japanese influences, the aim of the truck is to provide accessible, high quality food without the pretension. An important part of Eat Art Truck is its strong connection to street art. In recognition of the street art connection, Eat Art Truck has designed one side of its truck to be canvas for prominent and up and coming street artists to express themselves.

For Singapore Shiok Truck times and locations visit the Eat Art Truck website here or alternatively you can follow the truck via the @EatArtTruck twitter handle or via the hashtag #singaporeshiok. Details of the locations will also be available on