Venice Biennale Collateral Event Features Australian Artists

Venice Biennale Collateral Event Features Australian Artists
Yhonnie Scarce, Burial Ground 2012, 224 pieces blown glass, Collection Art Gallery South Australia
(Dianne Tanzer Gallery)

Following the announcement by Sydney Gallery Sullivan + Strumpf that Australian sculptor Sam Jinks will be included in the 55th Venice Biennale satellite exhibition “Personal Structures: Time, Space, Existence,” it has been revealed that Australian artists Dale Frank, Sally Gabori, and Yhonnie Scarce will also participate in the event.

Sydney’s Roslyn Oxley9 gallery has announced the inclusion in the exhibition of Dale Frank’s epic 200 x 260 cm painting “A petulant tsunami of regrets and broken promises littered her chest drawer, 2012.” Frank’s exploration of the visual expression of narrative is reflected in the verbose title of his painting as well as the intense visual language.

“Having shown Dale Frank's work since 1982 we are incredibly proud of his achievements  and are extremely  delighted that Dale has been selected by 'Personal Structures' to participate in the official program of the Venice Biennale, an amazing platform to be showing Dale Frank’s work,” said Roslyn Oxley, director of Roslyn Oxley9.

Fiztroy-based Dianne Tanzer Gallery + Projects reports that Woomera-born Australian Indigenous artist Yhonnie Scarce has also prepared a new piece for the “Personal Structures” project.  A continuation of her poignant yet playful series of blown-glass sculptures, the new work will manifest as a freestanding sculpture/installation of a Perspex coffin encasing 225 glass bush bananas.  Displayed as one mass grave, each banana commemorates a year of Australia’s colonization and the genocide Indigenous peoples.

The addition to the exhibition of paintings by octogenarian Indigenous artist Sally Gabori – represented by Melbourne’s Alcaston Gallery – presents the opportunity for an interesting dialogue between the work of Scarce and Gabori, two female Indigenous artists from different generations who work in very different mediums. Gabori uses a traditional medium to convey elements of her culture and tradition in a contemporary manner while Scarce infuses elements of her culture and tradition into a more contemporary medium.

“This is a remarkable achievement for Sally Gabori, and it will endorse her as one of Australia’s great contemporary artists”, said Beverly Knight, Director of Alcaston Gallery, Gabori’s representative. “The curators of ‘Personal Structures’ recognise her unique, non-derivative imagery and use of paint and how this communicates in an intimate and profound way with the viewer”

Held at the Palazzo Bembo from 1 June - 24 November 2013 and curated by the Global Art Affairs Foundation, “Personal Structures: Time, Space, Existence” brings together an extraordinary combination of established and emerging artists all drawn together with a common dedication to the concepts of Time, Space and Existence.