Fredrick White's "Abundance" Wins 2013 Montalto Sculpture Prize

Fredrick White's "Abundance" Wins 2013 Montalto Sculpture Prize
"Abundance" by Fredrick White
(Montalto Sculpture Prize)

Melbourne artist Fredrick White has been announced as the 2013 winner of the $30,000 acquisitive Montalto Sculpture Prize for his sculpture “Abundance.” White’s sculpture will become part of the Montalto permanent collection displayed in the grounds of the Montalto vineyard and olive grove.

Jason Smith, Director, Heidi Museum of Modern Art was the guest judge for this year’s prize. According to Smith, “The judging panel appreciated the unique commitment sculptors make to their practices, and that this year’s finalists each exhibited work with a striking formal resolution and sense of space, it was White’s work that stood out for its extraordinary dynamism and lightness of touch.”

“‘Abundance’ appears to be drawn in space, as a continuous, elemental line rising from and ready to re-enter the earth. It is a sculpture that rewards slow looking so as to fully appreciate its fluid dynamics and beautiful execution,” said Smith.

According to White, “The title Abundance relates directly to the material used – aluminium, which comprises no less than 8% of our planets crust and the third most abundant element known to mankind. This work is a continuation of my objective as an artist to bring forth a teaching about connection to the earth and more widely in this instance to the universe.”

“Abundance has a clear relationship to the earth in form and material,” White says. “In the finished work there is no base plate thus the pipes become a single flow lightly touching the ground, an endless loop in which no energy is lost.”

White explains that with this composition the artist tried to create for the viewer a visual experience of balance, tension, and movement. The viewer is invited to follow the pipe structure through a speedy and playful, magnetic dance that hovers over the earth and momentarily escapes gravitational forces to fly into the air in sharp energetic wing-like shapes or a solar flare.

Constructed of simple elements bought together in a structurally complex manner, “Abundance” embodies what the artist says is “a simple aesthetic whilst still containing more complex and emotional layers of meaning.” The use of a man-made material to create an organic form reflects White’s interest in “the stuff that holds us together, the dominant paradigms of human life.”

The Montalto Sculpture Prize people's choice award is now running and will be announced at the close of the exhibition. The show is on until the 28th April 2013.