Nick Clifford's Film "We've All Been There" Wins Tropfest

Nick Clifford's Film "We've All Been There" Wins Tropfest
Film still from "We've All Been There"

Nicholas Clifford has been announced the winner of the 2013 Tropfest Film Festival for his film “We’ve All Been There.”  Adapted from a short story, “We’ve All Been There” follows three people’s connection to a flat tyre. 

“What an exciting 24 hours - we couldn't have imagined this in 100 years. Thank you for all the love and support, we hope you know how much it means to us,” Clifford said via facebook.

“’We’ve All Been There’ is a film about a woman who needs some help and how other people can help other people almost indirectly,” Director Nicholas Clifford explains in an interview with SBS.  “It’s a calmer tale about paying it forward.”

The film features three characters: Jess, Joan, and Matt. Jess has to come up with $800 or lose her house. A flat tyre leaves Joan stranded in the middle of nowhere. Matt needs a job. All these stories are brought together as what goes around comes around and they impact each other in a way they couldn't imagine.

Nicholas Clifford was a Tropfest finalist in 2012 for his film “Kitchen Sink Drama,” working alongside his current producer Michael Ciccone on that film as well. Together with other producer, Jim Wright, they established their own company Truce Films and work in partnership there.

Nicholas has also directed “Brad In a Bottle” in 2011 and “Nicky Two Tone” in 2009, has Completed a Graduate Diploma at AFTRS, is a Film and TV graduate from RMIT, and even lived in Beijing for a year to work on a TV series.

Watch “We’ve All Been There” below