Why Arts NSW Denied Funding to Sydney's Peloton Gallery

Why Arts NSW Denied Funding to Sydney's Peloton Gallery

The news that Sydney artist-run gallery Peloton were being forced to close due to a lack of government funding is a bitter blow to the Sydney art scene.  As a not-for-profit organisation run by volunteers and artists, Peloton relies on outside funding to present their annual program.

Since 2004 the gallery has presented a strong program of over 180 exhibitions with over 350 artists, established, emerging, local, and international. Their last show, “Goodnight,” will open on March 8 and close on March 10.

”Closing was not our intention,” says Adrian Gebers, one of four gallery directors.  “Unfortunately with only a few weeks between the funding decision being announced and our budget ending we were forced into closing.”

ARTINFO AUSTRALIA contacted Arts NSW to find out why Peloton were denied funding.  An Arts NSW spokesperson provided the following statement:  “On this occasion, Peloton’s application was less competitive as other applications. However, four artist-run-initiatives were successful receiving a total of $171,620 in Annual Program funding.

“Grants from the annual Arts Funding Program are competitively-based and are allocated through a transparent process that includes assessment by a panel of independent industry experts.

“Each year Arts NSW receives many more applications than can be funded. Some organisations have received less than requested, others are new to the funding program, and some organisations funded in 2012 will not be funded in 2013.”

Considering the contribution that Peloton has made to the Sydney and Australian art scene, the decision by the NSW Government to deny them funding is particularly disheartening.