The Art of Zen: Paspaley Launches Buddhism-Inspired Jewellery

The Art of Zen: Paspaley Launches Buddhism-Inspired Jewellery
(Courtesy Paspaley)

Renowned Australian pearl jewellery brand Paspaley has launched a new Buddhist-inspired collection just in time for Chinese New Year.  Each piece of the “Enlightened by Paspaley” series features a magnificent patented diamond cut in sculptural facets to portray the beloved Chinese Buddha, Budai, sitting atop a magnificent white Australian South Sea Pearl.

Core to the appeal of “Enlightened by Paspaley” is the powerful, positive appeal of the Buddhist beliefs about life as a gateway to true happiness and contentment; tenets embraced and celebrated by western as well as eastern cultures.

Celebrating happiness and prosperity, “Enlightened by Paspaley” explores the intrinsically Zen beauty of the pearl to create a jewellery range of exceptional delicacy and spirituality. The Laughing Buddha meditates from within a halo of diamonds signifying his Enlightenment while the magnificent white pearl on which he sits symbolises the white horses that carried the first Buddhist scriptures into China during the Ming Dynasty.

“We were entranced by these exquisite diamonds cut into tiny Buddha statues, and their symbolic references to wisdom, contentment, generosity and happiness” explains Paspaley’s Creative Director Christine Salter.  “It is also very good luck to rub Buddha’s belly. We loved the idea of a piece of jewellery that is beautiful and also makes you feel positive and lucky when you wear it.”

Four pieces make up the “Enlightened by Paspaley” collection; a necklace and earrings in two styles each, all featuring the heavenly combination of Buddha-shaped diamonds and gem- quality South Sea pearls.