Aussie Scent Nominated for “Oscars” of Fragrance Industry

Aussie Scent Nominated for “Oscars” of Fragrance Industry
(World Senses Pty Ltd)

A uniquely Australian fragrance has been nominated for an Indie award by the The Fragrance Foundation (FiFi®) of America. Developed by renowned Australian photographer and Indigenous rights activist Russell James, Raw Spirit – Fire Tree is a limited-edition unisex fragrance oil that celebrates Australian Indigenous culture.

Created using a unique blend of Australian Sandalwood and the rare oil of the Australian Fire Tree, the unique fragrance is characterised by smoky wood base notes intermingled with clean, fresh, almost lilac top notes and a sweet, spicy heart that uniquely adapts to each person who wears it.

The exciting new scent, Russell James’s first foray into the fragrance world, was launched in November 2012 under the auspices of his company Nomad Two Worlds, a socially responsible global business that celebrates the beauty and rich cultural history of Indigenous and marginalised people worldwide. 

The basis of Raw Spirit – Fire Tree is the oil of the Australian Fire Tree, a symbol of rebirth for the tree's traditional, Indigenous Western Australian custodians. The tree has also been long prized by some of its traditional Indigenous custodians for what they believe to be its unique ability to amplify the wearer's own energy and attract like-minds.

When exposed to sudden extreme temperatures, through lightning strikes or naturally occurring bush fires, not only does the Fire Tree thrive and pollinate, it also secretes a mysterious, fragrant, golden coloured resin. This golden resin, frequently called “Secret Attraction”, is a prized natural product of the Nyoongar people.

“I am proud to be working with key members of the Nyoongar community on this extraordinary product, celebrating their traditions and culture while also helping to create economic opportunities for the community,” said James during the launch of the fragrance.

Known as the “Oscars” of the fragrance industry, The Fragrance Foundation's US FiFi Awards acknowledge and honour the creativity of the fragrance industry. The Indie award recognizes creativity, artistry, and the entrepreneurial spirit of smaller, newly established fragrance brands that have been on the market for less than two years and are not distributed or owned by a large company.

“This Indie award celebrates innovation and I find it one of the more exciting areas in the fragrance industry today,” said Elizabeth Musmanno, President of The Fragrance Foundation.  “The Fragrance Foundation is proud to support the efforts of these innovators.” 

Raw Spirit – Fire Tree is the first, preview, limited edition fragrance released through a new joint venture, World Senses, formed between Nomad Two Worlds and Atlas South Sea Pearl Ltd. Part proceeds from the sale of the fragrance will be invested back into the Nyoongar community via Nomad Two Worlds Foundation.

See the story behind the creation of Raw Spirit - Fire Tree fragrance oil in the video below.