Australia's Cake Wines Partner with Tropfest Film Festival

Australia's Cake Wines Partner with Tropfest Film Festival
(Courtesy Cake Wines)

Artistic Australian wine producers Cake Wines have been announced as the official wine of the Australian edition of Tropfest 2013, the world’s largest short film festival.  As part of their partnership with Tropfest 2013, Cake Wines will be available in all bars at the February 17 event as well as at a pop-up bar to be launched at Australia’s oldest warehouse in Sydney’s The Rocks precinct.

Cake Wines was founded in 2011 by with the aim of producing an accessible product for a new generation of culturally engaged wine drinkers.  Thanks to a series of cultural projects including an art competition and a series of film screenings, Cake Wines has become synonymous with the Australian arts, culture and entertainment scene.

The company is best known for their Archi-bottle art prize, an annual search for Australia’s best contemporary artists to produce artwork for their bottles. Chosen from over 400 entries, Dan “Ears” O’Tool won the 2012 competition and is now featured on their Shiraz label.  Each of the 30 finalists bottles are sold for a limited time through facebook.

“Generally speaking, our ethos is an attempt at re-framing how we think about the role of arts and culture in our society. How many times have you been watching a film and been completely immersed in the experience…the walls could fall away from around you and you wouldn’t notice it’s that great!,” Cake Wines founders Glen Cassidy and Mike Smith told Tropfest organisers. “Those kinds of moving experiences are important, they set our imaginations free and they give us perspective by removing us from the day-to-day. Without talented filmmakers and supporting institutions like Tropfest helping to make these ideas a reality we’d really be missing out.”