Barbie's Worst Nightmare: The "BarbieQue" Chair by Luxxbox

Barbie's Worst Nightmare: The "BarbieQue" Chair by Luxxbox
The "BarbieQue" Chair by Jason Bird and Matt Emmerson

Australian based avant-garde Industrial Designer Jason Bird started Luxxbox in 2006 as a vehicle to design and manufacture his own collection of diverse commercial and domestic products.  From humble beginnings, Luxxbox has turned into a global design powerhouse with clients from Australia to Tokyo and New York.

In 2011 Jason’s stool “Tingle” was purchased by Google Inc, San Francisco to be their exclusive exhibition and IO conference visual branding seating. In 2012, his Brainwash series of tables and stools were used in the Sci-Fi film “Prometheus” by Ridley Scott.

The latest attention-grabbing design to emerge from Jason’s workshop was the result of a collaboration with art director and “HeHoopla” Matt Emmerson of local boutique advertising agency The Hoopla Family.  Named “The BarbieQue”, the fluoro-pink, neon-infused electric chair was developed as part of the “Seven with Another” (SWA) exhibition held at Brisbane’s Powerhouse.

Barbie’s worst nightmare, “The BarbieQue” gives new meaning to the phrase “Going out in style”.  Judging by the pink pools of liquid depicted at the feet of the chair, Jason and Matt believe that if Barbie were executed she would bleed pink. Replete with pink skull cap and lit from within by retina-searing pink neon lights, the “shocking” chair combines Jason’s extensive experience as a lighting designer with Matt’s creative flair.  

A first of its kind in Australia, “Seven with Another” is a triannual exhibition that showcases 14 of the city’s leading and emerging creative individuals, from a variety of professions, and pairs them to create an artwork together. There are no boundaries, only that each pair has to somehow incorporate the number of the edition into their idea, so this time it’s the number six.

To see more of Jason's designs visit the Luxxbox website here