Masking Tape Magic by Australian Street Artist Buff Diss

(Copyright Buff Diss)

Australian born, Berlin based street artist Buff Diss may just have found the most creative use for masking tape since it was invented.  Like a spider weaves a web, Buff Diss spins wicked 3D tape pictures.  From windows to sidewalks to garage doors, no surface is safe from his guerrilla tape tapestries. 

Since he swapped his paint can for a roll of tape, Buff Diss has gone from talented graffiti artist to world renowned masking tape magician.  His sticky pictures have graced the walls of dozens of different buildings including a barn, a lavatory block, and a castle.  He has even given the tape treatment to the side of a train.

In 2011, Buff Diss worked with three South Australian emerging artists to create new public artworks in one of Adelaide’s most loved icons, the Adelaide Central Market. The works wove through the laneways of the Markets where they remained until they disintegrated.  He also took part in the 2011 “Outpost Project: Art from the Streets” exhibition on Cockatoo Island.

His most recent project at Berlin’s Someplace gallery space involved the creation of masking tape flames on the inside of a window which, when viewed from inside the gallery, appear to be engulfing the church across the road.  Brilliant!!

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