Beautiful Journey: Odyssey by Paspaley Brings Pearls to Life

Beautiful Journey: Odyssey by Paspaley Brings Pearls to Life

Paspaley, the world’s leading pearling company, recently launched a new collection pearl jewellery that celebrates the beauty of the South Sea Pearl. The Odyssey by Paspaley collection is a timeless statement of pure glamour and the enduring elegance of femininity.   Every Odyssey by Paspaley design features the pearl as the hero, each of which is enhanced by a supporting cast of precious metals and sparkling gems.

Marrying geometric forms with flowing designs, the Odyssey collection draws inspiration from the elegant beauty of the pearl and channels the most feminine shapes and forms of the natural world.  The fluent organic shapes that reference the dynamism of nature combined with the beautiful diamonds that play with the sunlight bring the pearls to life. From breathtaking statement pieces to simple yet equally beautiful earrings, pendants, and rings, there is a piece for every occasion and every outfit.

At the centre of the collection is a set of spectacular limited-edition pieces fit for a Greek goddess, with designs inspired by the fan-coral that can be found floating in the waters of the Kimberley. The bangle, arguably the hero of the collection, weaves gold and diamonds in a delicate fan-like structure around the pearl, capturing light from both sides; a pendant, clasp and earrings translate this stunning design into a elegant medallions, evocative of civilizations past.

“The creation of Odyssey was a journey of discovery, as the name suggests, and an exploration of the endless wonder and beauty of the pearl, with many twists and turns along the way,” explain Paspaley designers Jürgen Kammler and Catherine Büman. “Our final destination is, we believe, a collection that is a timeless statement of pure glamour and enduring elegance”.

Kammler and Büman have created a collection bridges the gap between the miraculous birth of the pearl, the design process, and the future journey that each piece will embark upon with their new owner.  Placing the pearl as the feature of each piece celebrates its creation; referencing particular natural forms alludes to the design ethos; the simple yet elegant designs allow each piece to be incorporated into the particular style of each wearer. 

With an advertising campaign shot on location at the birthplace of Paspaley, Kuri Bay, Odyssey by Paspaley sparkles and glows under the golden rays of the Kimberley sun. The collection is currently available in Paspaley stores located in Sydney, Melbourne, Darwin, Broome,Dubai, Abu Dhabi and Hong Kong. To shop the Odyssey collection visit the Paspaley website here