Australian Artist Kid Zoom Creates Bus Shelter Anarchy

Australian Artist Kid Zoom Creates Bus Shelter Anarchy
"love a refreshing price" by Kid Zom

Australian born, New York based street artist Ian Strange, aka Kid Zoom, is an artist of immense talent who works across a variety of mediums from drawing to large-scale installation.  However, it is his ongoing series of aerosol-violated bus shelter advertising posters that have attracted the most attention.

His latest foray into the world of anti-ads was realised during a recent residency at Backwoods Gallery in Melbourne, Australia.  Two McDonald’s posters advertising $1 frozen cokes were the most high profile subjects to succumb to his subversive sabotage during his Backwoods

“Love a refreshing price” each of the McDonald’s posters once read, that is until they were requisitioned by Ian “Kid Zoom” Strange and tortured to within an inch of the lives.  A ghostly, transparent, and hyper-realistic skull now haunts the surface of each poster, mockingly resplendent in the piercing yellow of the iconic Golden Arches.

What were previously the seductive and subliminal tools of big business become products of a dissident culture that is the antitype of everything McDonald’s stands for.  Crossed out in the very colour that represents the company, each McDonald’s logo becomes a victim of its own success.

Kid Zoom began his “Shelter” series in 2007 and has reclaimed bus shelters all over the world.  He has even had some of his altered posters exhibited in bus shelters in Melbourne.  To see more of Ian Strange's work visit his website here

See a video of the artist during his Backwood Gallery residency below