Piratepunk Jewellery by Metalab and Artist Lauren Webster

Piratepunk Jewellery by Metalab and Artist Lauren Webster

A gallery filled with amazing art and funky jewellery, what could be better?  Well, nothing, except perhaps a combination of the two.

Having awakened to the the potential of a collaboration between a talented artist and a bunch of skilled artisans, Sydney jewellery studio Metalab invited Sydney-based artist and illustrator Lauren Webster to be their artist-in-residence.

Lauren revels in creating subtle juxtapositions within her work, be it the choice of a "girly" pastel colour palette to adorn her army of skulls, or the stark use of words such as THUG sitting atop bright pinks and pretty nude girls. Most recently, Lauren’s work is a vibrant cocktail of pastel and neon colours and continues her exploration into skulls, pin-up girls and nautical themes.

With free reign to transform the Metalab gallery space, Lauren channelled her inner-pirate and got busy producing a wonderful suite of illustrations and wire artworks that bring to life sailor characters, their skulls, lovers and clothes. 

Once Lauren had firmly established her presence in the gallery, the Metalab crew got busy creating an exclusive collection of jewellery inspired by Lauren’s art. What resulted was a fantastic collection of covetable creations that reference the vibrant cocktail of pastel and neon colours, skulls and nautical themes explored in Lauren's work.

First we had Steampunk, now thanks to Lauren Webster and the Metalab crew we may just have the beginnings of a whole new trend – Piratepunk.  A retro-futuristic reimagining of the “rebel of the sea”, the Webster/Metalab Piratepunk aesthetic combines the traditional pirate narrative with a modern metrosexual twist.

From a textural skull ring that screams to be touched to a spectacular silver skull cuff that is both feminine and ferocious, the Metalab team did an incredible job reinterpreting Lauren’s narrative in a creative and unique way.

Time to hoist the mainsail and get down to Metalab, I say.  If you haven’t mastered the art of navigating by the stars, you can find out where to go at the Metalab website here