New Online Art Store UpRaw Unearths Great Art

New Online Art Store UpRaw Unearths Great Art

The people behind Sydney-based art investment company Art Equity have launched a fantastic new online gallery showcasing original art by new and upcoming artists.

UpRaw ( is a curated online marketplace featuring the work of carefully selected artists chosen for their technical and conceptual skills in their chosen media as well as their commitment to their long-term artistic career.

The new site is a platform for these early career artists to launch onto the global art scene and connect with art lovers looking for great art before it has the “great” price-tag. Paintings, photographs, drawings and original prints all with the artists hand, start at under AU$200 with nothing priced over AU$2,000.

Nicholas Forrest, Executive Editor of Artinfo Australia, recently caught up with UpRaw Coordinator Emma Crott to ask her some questions about the new site.

What is the concept of UpRaw? is an online platform for emerging artists to showcase their artworks to a global community. We wanted art lovers and collectors to be able to access unique, affordable artworks with the ease and convenience of a shopping-cart facility website. We currently represent around 20 Australian and international artists producing works of various genres and mediums ranging from traditional oil paintings, drawings, photographs and original prints to stencil art. We have strict selection criteria and require the artists to go beyond decorative work and show technical and conceptual substance. Works are affordably priced from under $200 to a maximum of $2,000 plus free shipping in Australia and New Zealand. It’s real art at a great price.

How did the idea for the site come about?

UpRaw came about as we noticed a gap in the market for high quality, affordable artworks without the exorbitant price-tag. It is the brainchild of investment art business, Art Equity, who over ten years of business has been exposed to numerous talented emerging artists. While they haven’t met the career milestones and investment credentials for Art Equity’s business model they show serious talent and commitment to their art. For the stage of career they’re in, they’re ticking the boxes.

What do you hope to achieve with the site?

We hope to achieve widespread exposure for our artists and help them progress their artistic careers. With years of market experience, we are in a great position to guide and mentor the artists both from an artistic point of view and commercial standpoint. Ultimately,  we hope to be contributing to the next generation of great Australian artists.

UpRaw also aims to offer buyers easy access to original art without having to attend an exhibition opening or art gallery. By offering art online, buyers who are time-poor or intimidated by the gallery scene can make a hassle-free purchase…at an affordable price.

What is the focus of Upraw?

UpRaw has a dual focus – we want to nurture and support early career artists and offer art enthusiasts an affordable entry to art collecting.

Who are the people behind the venture?

UpRaw is backed by Art Equity, a leading investment art business that represents some of the leading emerging and mid-career artists from Australia and abroad in its Sydney CBD based gallery. With expertise in fine art, structured investments and a strong emphasis on education, Art Equity is passionate about helping its clients and artists build wealth and personal enrichment from high quality art.