Alchemy and Ecstasy: Dinosaur Designs Directors Discuss Dreamy New Collection

Alchemy and Ecstasy: Dinosaur Designs Directors Discuss Dreamy New Collection
(image courtesy Dinosaur Designs)

The Australian-based, world renowned jewellery and homewares brand Dinosaur Designs (DD) recently launched a dreamy new collection of awe-inspiring adornments and heavenly homewares that is sure to feature on many Christmas lists.

Utilising their signature resin recipe to great effect, designers Louise Olsen and Stephen Ormandy took inspiration from the unconscious activities of the mind – dreams to you and I – to produce spectacular amorphous forms and ethereal surface designs.

A stunning reflection of the alchemy and wizadry employed by the producers of the hand-made objects, the colours, textures and forms of the new collection appear to have been plucked from another dimension.

Says Louise Olsen of the new range: “We are very, very excited about the Dream collection. Steve and I have explored new territory and woven in lots of references, and really had fun playing with those gorgeous dreamy motifs...the ‘seeing eye’ is a particular favourite! We have nevertheless stayed true to our Dinosaur Designs ethos, and worked within the organic aesthetic and artisan spirit of each piece.”

From brightly coloured bowls that embody the fluidity and fragility of clouds, to bangles that mimic the hypnotic ripples and reverberations of a gently wind-swept body of water, the Dinosaur Designs “Dream” collection is both enchanting and engaging.

In an exclusive interview with Nicholas Forrest, Executive Editor of Artinfo Australia, DD Creative Directors Louise Olsen and Stephen Ormandy discuss the inspiration behind their latest collection.

What is the inspiration for your latest collection?

The inspiration behind Dream was surrealism. We've always been fascinated but the world of dreams. They offer us the freedom to float and connect with our essence, to be liberated from the earth at the same time we interpret it.

Dreams are a kind of metaphor for creativity. Everyday objects and experiences are loaded with meaning and magical symbolism. In the 21st century, our ideas about dreams are layered with wonderful art movements from the pat with their own symbols and currency.

How did you choose what objects to include in the collection?

Each object was inspired by symbols and motifs associated with surrealist art.  We played with motifs straight from the unconscious: a string of hands come to together to form a necklace, the 'seeing eye' on the rings and pendants and earrings.

The homewares pieces gave us the chance to explore a more abstract expression of our dream-state, with bowls and platters and vases that rearrange into molten forms, dissolving and transforming like surrealist forms. Bowls hang like clouds in a surreal landscape and vases arrange into molten forms, dissolving and reforming like artistic illusions.

Is the design process for jewellery and homewares similar?

The way we design a piece of jewellery is very much the same as the homewares – both having different functions, but for us we like the bowl to feel as good as a piece of jewellery. The homewares are like pieces of jewellery too, but for the home and the jewellery is to rest on the heart.

What is the target market for the new collection?

Anyone who appreciate the DD journey... We do two new collections a year and this story is about the Dream - to float and enjoy the forms and motifs of our dream world.

How would you describe the new collection as a whole?


To shop the “Dreams” collection visit the Dinosaur Designs website here