Odyssey: Stefano Canturi's 25th Anniversary Collection

Odyssey: Stefano Canturi's 25th Anniversary Collection

Expectations were high for the launch of the 25th anniversary collection of the world-renowned Australian jewellery designer Stefano Canturi ­­­­­ — and he didn’t disappoint.

A playful fairytale filled with joy and delight, Canturi’s Odyssey collection is a spectacular representation of an inspirational 25-year journey.

Central to the theme of the collection are a range of elegant and inspired motifs: a bejewelled butterfly elegantly poised for flight, a delicate flower bending in the breeze, a sparkling star plucked from the heavens, and a throbbing heart captured mid-beat.

Symbolic of the progression and development of his stellar career, each of the central design elements has been captured in a motion-filled sculptural form that represents both the journey that has been and the anticipation of the years to come.

The result of a 12 month design and creation process, from every perspective each piece of the Odyssey collection is exceptional, making the series of rings, earrings, pendants and necklaces unique and irresistible to wear.

Using white diamonds, black diamonds and for the first time 18ct Pink Gold, Canturi takes velocity and engineering and presents it with a playful elegance never before seen.


- An extended adventurous voyage or journey

- An intellectual or spiritual quest: an odyssey or discovery.

For more information on the Odyssey collection visit the Canturi website here