Interior Design, Napoleon Style: A Q&A With Napoleon Perdis

Interior Design, Napoleon Style: A Q&A With Napoleon Perdis
Inside the Napoleon Perdis Life.Style store

In May of this year, cosmetic king Napoleon Perdis launched a fantastic lifestyle concept store in the trendy eastern Sydney suburb of Woollahra.  Housed in a landmark heritage building that once functioned as a post office, Napoleon Perdis Life.Style is an innovative new retail offering that showcases Napoleon’s passion for all things artful and reveals another side to the makeup maestro: the collector.

As a world renowned tastemaker and authority on international trends, a lifestyle store seems a logical evolution of the Napoleon Perdis brand.  That same focus on glamour and attention to detail that has made Napoleon Perdis cosmetics a household name has been applied to the development of the Life.Style store.

Visitors to the enchanting emporium will find an exquisite range of luxury accessories, offerings from emerging Australian and international design talent across fashion, accessories, and objet as well as a curated edit of internationally sourced vintage furniture, home furnishings, and art.

“I’ve been looking for a truly special location for my vision of a truly special store for some time,” explains Perdis. “Napoleon Perdis Life.Style will be a reflection of my own eclectic aesthetic; I am very acquisitive and love nothing more than hunting for and gathering new finds – be it fashion, furniture, or art. I wanted to recreate the experience, that feeling I get when I stumble upon something remarkable, whether it’s just an interesting trinket or a true treasure to add to my collection.”

To find out more about his latest venture, Nicholas Forrest, Executive Editor of Artinfo Australia, got in touch with Napoleon who was only too happy to answer a few questions.

What influenced the decision to launch a Napoleon lifestyle store?  

I have always had a keen interest in design, art, fashion and interiors, they influence my work as a make-up artist every day. The store is my take on life and style, a small window into my world....

How would you describe the range of products available at the store?

Vast! I really wanted to want with a surprising yet considered merchandise mix; a blend of vintage jewellery, artisanal treasures, entry-level art, fun, pop-culture pieces, my favourite dinnerware and beautiful objet. The store carries my cosmetics collection as well and we are also just about to launch a tightly edited collection of Ready-To-Wear to round out the offering. It's all about changing up the look of both the store and the merchandise. I get bored easily!!

What is the target market of the store?

I always like to look after my loyal clients, so they were foremost in my mind when I was sourcing brands and product for the store. But I also want to appeal to a broader client, someone who perhaps is not familiar with my brand but curious to know more.... We sell everything from a $27 lip gloss up to a $4000 limited edition artwork. The store is really for anyone who has an appreciation of beauty, on all levels.

What do you want customers to experience when shopping at the store?

I want them to feel like they have walked into my living room, and I am entertaining them. They should sense a feeling of familiarity and hopefully delight and surprise...

Do you have your own personal preferences when it comes to interior design?

I love many different interior design disciplines, my tastes have definitely matured over the years. Two favourite periods are mid-Century Modern and Hollywood Regency. But I can still appreciate a bit of Brescia thrown into the mix!

What do you hope to achieve with the lifestyle store?

The Life.Style store is an evolution of my business, the natural next step for me both personally and professionally. It's about widening the Napoleon Perdis world and making the brand richer and more layered.

For more information on the Napoleon Perdis Life.Style store visit the store website here