Sarah & Sebastian Storm Australian Designer Jewellery Scene

Kate Waterhouse wearing the Sarah & Sebastian X The Hatmaker headpiece and the bespoke bracelet made for Kelly Rowland

Sydney-based collaborative duo Sarah Gittoes and Robert Sebastian Grynkofki are taking the Australian designer jewellery world by storm with their unique and innovative designs constructed using a range of diverse materials from brass to leather to silver and gold.

Architecturally inspired creations featuring bold shapes and strong lines are the hallmark of their catalogue of designs that are sold under the Sarah and Sebastian label via their website as well as through select fashion stores.

Although they have shown that they are capable of producing delicate and dainty objects, their hero pieces are unapologetically brazen statements that announce their presence with a shout rather than a whimper.

A turning point for their label came in July when a bespoke version of their epic weighty curb bracelet was ordered by none other than Kelly Rowland.  More of a feat of engineering than a design product, the now iconic Sarah and Sebastian curb configuration is an Artinfo Australia favourite.

The decision by famed racing identity Kate Waterhouse to wear a Sarah & Sebastian X The Hatmaker headpiece to Victoria Derby day once again thrust the designers into the limelight.  A beautifully intricate yet structurally bold design featuring sinuous lines characteristic of the art-nouveau era, the headpiece is bound to become an instant classic.

Not afraid to push the boundaries of jewellery design and, Sarah and Sebastian have done what many other jewellery designers have failed to achieve and found a happy medium between restraint and indulgence that produces objects which are edgy yet obviously the result of a thoughtful and considered design process.

If the pair keep producing designs such as their recently launched cone ring and clam cuff then it would be fair to say that their covetable creations are likely to become the treasured antiques and heirlooms of the future.

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