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De Beers’ Latest Offering “Jewelry for Summer Escapes” Unveiled

De Beers’ ‘Jewelry for Summer Escapes’
(Courtesy: De Beers )

De Beers has unveiled its “Jewelry for Summer Escapes” for the warm months.

“Many of our most precious memories are made in the warmth and light of the sun. Whether you choose sandy beaches or vibrant city breaks, a piece of De Beers diamond jewelry will preserve your summer moments forever,” says the De Beers website.

The collection has Enchanted Lotus Rose Gold & White Mother of Pearl Sautoir Necklace for those summer casual parties and outings. “The lotus flower’s cycle of rebirth and rejuvenation is reflected through nine alternating micropave diamond lotus flowers and bezel-set diamond solitaires captured in 18K Rose gold and mother of pearl in this sautoir necklace,” says the website.

The necklace can be paired with Enchanted Lotus Rose Gold Band, Enchanted Lotus Rose Gold & White Mother of Pearl Bracelet or Enchanted Lotus Rose Gold & White Mother of Pearl Sleeper Earrings. It can also be worn as a single piece of jewelry for formal gatherings and outings.

Dewdrop Rose Gold Earrings can be all yours for just $3,200. If you are looking for a light yet remarkable piece of jewelry, the dewdrop earrings fit the bill. “Inspired by fresh drops of dew that delicately adorn natural foliage at the dawn of a new day. New beginnings and exciting possibilities are celebrated in this collection. Crafted in 18K rose gold, these hoop earrings feature 80 diamonds totaling at 0.72 carats,” says the website.

The earrings can be paired with Dewdrop Rose Gold Band, De Beers Aura Pink Diamond Rose Gold Band or Dewdrop Rose Gold Bangle for a friend’s wedding and other big occasions.

For all those of you, who are not a rose gold fan there is Enchanted Lotus White Gold & Lapis Lazuli Pendant. Loosen your purse strings and shell out $2,750 if you like wearing precious and semi-precious stones. “Valued greatly in ancient civilizations because of its intense color, the exquisitely deep blue of the Lapis Lazuli insert is symbolic of truthfulness, friendship and purity. This pendant can also be worn in reverse revealing a discreet Round Brilliant diamond for a simple and sophisticated look,” says the website.

There are many variations of the pendants like Enchanted Lotus White Gold & Jade Pendant, Enchanted Lotus Rose Gold & Carnelian Pendant and Enchanted Lotus White Gold & Grey Mother of Pearl Pendant.

Click on the slideshow for a sneak peek at the jewelry collection.