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Elisa Bracher’s “Incarnated” at Raquel Arnaud Gallery, São Paulo

“Untitled,”2018 Elisa Bracher wood and glass 41 x 52 x 128 cm, Photo: Lucas Cruz
(Courtesy: Raquel Arnaud Gallery)

“Incarnated” at Raquel Arnaud Gallery, São Paulo shows Elisa Bracher’s series of paintings in red. The exhibition is on view through September 1, 2018.

Developed by the artist since 2008, “Incarnated” is a selection of 30 drawings on rice paper that ranges in various sizes. The mostly unpublished works are made up of heavy inks, lithographic chalk, oil stick and other paints which are slowly absorbed by this Japanese paper. In addition to these drawings/paintings, the exhibition also brings together new works in stone, wood and glass, which connect to the forms developed in the red paintings and wooden sculptures.

In order to depict the different techniques and languages in sculpture, engravings, photographs and drawings, Bracher uses paint which is specific for metal engraving, lithographic chalk, oil stick, pigments, resins and oils. “For the purpose of investigating deeply into the subjectivity of painting, Elisa directs her attention to an incensed area between art and life with some topics, wanting to test the limits of her formal convictions and thus reasserting her creative freedom. This exercise produces images that are simultaneously real and solely plastic at once, for which the reality is not the effect of the representation but the power of introspection,” writes the gallery.

Incorporating color for the first time, the artist choses scarlet-red to create images of emotiveness, erotism, pain, violence and extreme tenderness in the tonal variations on the light rice paper.  According to the gallery, “for the artist, whose abstract affiliation comes from a well-defined sensibility to the lines she employed with determination regarding the distance of the anthropomorphic imagery in the several means she used to express her concerns, the incarnated color that was imposed together with the brushes imprinted an unprecedented organic dimension to her work and advanced the matter concerning visuality in a different way.” The results of these are overpowering and instinctive images.


This exhibition is on view through September 1, 2018 at Raquel Arnaud Gallery, R. Fidalga, 125 - Vila Madalena, São Paulo - SP, 05432-070, Brazil.

For details please visit: http://raquelarnaud.com.br



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