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Rometti Costales’ “Little Animals, Ash Trays” at CA2M, Madrid

“Little Animals, Ash Trays,” 2018, by Rometti Costales, CA2M
(Courtesy: Artists & CA2M)

“Little Animals, Ash Trays” at CA2M in Madrid features artworks by Rometti Costales featuring seminal works alongside other works that came about from the facsimile “Blue Has Run”, a compendium of word and image made by the artists’ inspired by “A Catalog of Textiles” and “Folk Art of Chiapas” (Walter F. Morris Jr. 1979), through August 31, 2018.

 “This project makes a series of connections between those folk art objects from Chiapas with these other new works being presented here, outlining a strange space of mediation between them and allowing words, materials, gestures and time to give shape to the unknown,” the gallery says.

The exhibition showcases pieces that are essential in the artists’ imagination, whose practice is formally characterized by the use of techniques such as collage, ready-made found objects, and in the discursive it delves into fiction, critical anthropology and non-Western anthologies.

“The exhibition arises from the fortuitous meeting in a Mexican library, of a copy of the publication ‘A catalog of textiles’ and popular art of Chiapas,” published by Walter F. Morris Jr. in 1979,” the gallery says.

The artists dismantle, dismember and reorder the contents of this catalog, editing the images and modifying the descriptions, overshadowing the language to turn it into something closer to the veiled photographs.

“They use this publication as an index to poetically recreate a file of new works. A set of loose phrases and without apparent sense, are the raw material on which this project is built. They are subtractions of subtractions, words that have lost their original function and that no longer describe the world, are free to do whatever they want. From the autonomy of each of them materializes a new work that — beyond illustrating the words — is satisfied with them,” says the gallery.

Julia Rometti (France, 1975) and Victor Costales (Belarus, 1974) live in Mexico City, from where they develop a practice that finds in nature a space for political inscription.

“Unfolding a cosmology halfway between the real and the fictitious, they approach diverse ontological and political positions that bring us closer to a magical anarchism in which the human is no longer the center of anything, and where an uncertain and ungovernable force emerges unappealable,”  the gallery adds.

The duo have exhibited individually in SAPS Sala Siquieros Mexico City; Center d'art contemporain the Synagogue of Delme, France; Kunsthalle Basel Switzerland; Casa del Lago, Mexico City; Midway Contemporary Art, Minneapolis; or L'Appartement 22, Rabat, Morocco.

The exhibition is on view through August 31, 2018 at CA2M, Av. de la Constitucion, 23, 28931 Mostoles, Madrid, Spain.

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