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IKEA Launches Vintage Collection for its 75th anniversary Celebration

IKEA Launches Vintage Collection for its 75th anniversary Celebration
IKEA’s 70-80s edition Collection
(Image courtesy of IKEA )

IKEA has launched a series of furniture incorporating relaunched pieces from the 1950s to the 2000s to celebrate its 75th anniversary. The “Gratulera Series” features three different collections including the brand’s most popular and iconic products from the past 75 years in three collections that focus on the 50-60s, 70-80s, and lastly, the 90s.

“Each launch is very different, signifying its time period; from dark woods with a classic expression, to a very playful style with strong colors, and then to a more minimal look with natural light woods and graphic colors,” says Karin Gustavsson, Creative Leader, IKEA of Sweden.

From the 50-60s, IKEA brought about some of its very first icon products. The designs capture a somber expression where darker woods meet classic lines.

“An icon is an icon because it’s unexpected, or considered an innovation of its time. Like the LOVBACKEN table (previously known as LOVET), such a cool statement piece, with only three legs, the tips covered in metal. It’s our first knock down product,” says Karin Gustavsson.

“The collection from the 70-80s are bold, colorful, and fun. No one in IKEA can talk about this era without mentioning the beloved ‘KLIPPAN’ sofa,” the design house says.

“I just love the covers that are like puffy jackets — they’re cool and colorful. It’s a tribute to the Memphis group, an 80s design movement that was very popular during that time. The KLIPPAN sofa was one of the first affordable sofas we had to offer, which is why it’s an icon of its time,” says Karin.

The designs from 90s were simple and minimal, mixing untreated, blonde Scandinavian woods with graphic patterns. “During the 90s, we went for a more natural expression. I think the sculptural furniture of Thomas Sandell is iconic. The small bench with wheels on one end, and legs on the other, was a design piece desired by so many people at that time,” says Karin Gustavsson. The design comes with a good dose of functionality thanks to its hidden storage.

The anniversary collection will be released globally in three different launches throughout fall 2018 with each launch focusing on the different time periods.

The collection will include side tables, armchairs, lighting and textiles in different variations. The EKENASET armchair, the FARGSTARK rug, and BJURAN chair are a few of the icon products that have been brought back with several other products updated with new names, colors, materials, and functions.


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