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“Incomprehensible public fictions: Writer fights politician in car park” at Hopkinson Mossman, Auckland

“She remembers, The novelist,” 2017 Tahi Moore video loop, duration 2.00 min (still) ed. 3
(Courtesy: Hopkinson Mossman)

Hopkinson Mossman is currently hosting a solo exhibition by Tahi Moore titled “Incomprehensible public fictions: Writer fights politician in car park.”

The exhibition features a collection of the artist’s latest works. “This new exhibition comprises videos and a series of new text paintings. There are two subtitle video works — “She remembers, The novelist,” presents existential observations which explore the limits of knowledge and the conditions of memory; while “Hemingway’s Hamlet” appears to be a series of excerpts and stage notes from a perverse Shakespearean play, starring Hemingway. As we often find in Moore’s video works, both have a Beckett-esque flow where strange thoughts appear to loop in endless circles...Tahi Moore’s work can be considered as an ongoing existential enquiry into the production and destruction of meaning. His primary material is language, and his highly idiosyncratic textual pathways make reference to philosophers, scientists, artists, and filmmakers, as well as moments in popular culture that articulate (purposefully or accidentally) his core concerns; stories of failures, fakes, cases of mistaken identity, eccentric intertextuality, instances where meaning is misunderstood, misconstrued, or mistranslated... The text pieces dispersed throughout the gallery — drawn or painted directly onto store-bought canvasses, or hand written on note paper — act as fragments of scripts or dialogue, but the desire to find a cohesive narrative is always unfulfilled. Perhaps more so than ever before, “Incomprehensible public fictions: Writer fights politician in car park” reflects on the relentless failure of communication, how the act of giving form to content (particularly in contemporary art) is always necessarily a process of emptying out. According to Moore, “In a painting, all content becomes form. It can’t be any kind of documentary. A piece of information will become a gesture. That’s just an effect of this process.”

Tahi Moore was born in 1972 in Auckland, where he is now based. His recent solo exhibitions include: “Kim Wilde’s Heart of Darkness,” Grundy Art Gallery, Blackpool (2017); “Tahi Moore / John Skoog,” Hopkinson Mossman, Auckland (2014); “PSYCHE REBUILD,” Gertrude Contemporary, Melbourne (2014); “Non, pas la forteresse!,” La Salle de bains, Bourdeau (2014); and “Auto Noir,” Artspace, Auckland (2014).

The exhibition will be on view through August 4, 2018, at Hopkinson Mossman, 19 Putiki St, Grey Lynn, Auckland 1021, New Zealand.

For details visit: http://hopkinsonmossman.com

Click on the slideshow for a sneak peek at the exhibition.


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