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“Nick Collerson: In Dreams” at Liverpool Street Gallery, Sydney

Dance, 2017 Nick Collerson oil on linen 137.5 x 183 cm
(Courtesy: Liverpool Street Gallery)

Nick Collerson, "In Dreams," an exhibition of new work by Nick Collerson, is on view at Liverpool Street Gallery in Sydney through October 31.  The paintings, colorful and made with rough, broad strokes, are figurative, depicting odd, dreamlike tableaus, such as a leaping dolphin with a human head, ballerinas made from a cross-stitch pattern, or a pair of Tyrannosaurus Rexes who appear to be chatting by a lake. Then there are more mundane images, like a pair of broken sunglasses

"Even if I could I wouldn’t want to tell you what my paintings mean, if I did there would be no reason to look at them,” Collerson says of his work. “What I can say is that my paintings are made up of the lineaments of seeing, that I consider the poetics, or play of meaning in painting, before illusion or demonstrations of skill. The way I approach making of paintings is much the same as the Mullah Nasruddin approaches ornithology in the following folk tale,

One day the Nasrudin Found a weary falcon sitting on his window-sill. He had never seen a bird like this before. ‘You poor thing,’ he said, ‘However did you get into such a state?’ He clipped the falcon’s talons and cut its beak straight, and trimmed its feathers. ‘Now you look more like a bird,’ said Nasrudin.

My painting is essentially improvisational, beginning with finding some part of our world, usually form my environment, the streets around near where I work or some obscure corner of the internet, then finding out how it fits with painting. My aim is not to be willfully obscure, instead, I consider what I am doing as making art," he says.

Born in Newfoundland, Canada in 1977, Nick Collerson grew up moving from country to country and found his way to Australia and has since graduated from the National Art School in 2011 with a Masters of Fine Art, and now also teaches there. Nick draws on his observations of the environment around him and his personal experience for subject matter and themes, the gallery says. His childhood spent moving all over has had a profound influence on his work.  Prior to attending art school, he supported himself through a range of odd jobs that gave him plenty of inspiration for subject matter for his art.

The Clayton Utz Art Partnership, which is collaborating in the show, aims at supporting Australian artists and sharing their talents with a wider audience through regular six-monthly art exhibitions and an Artist-in-Residence program.

The exhibition will be on view through October this year, at Liverpool Street Gallery, 243a Liverpool Street East Sydney NSW 2010 Australia.

For details visit: http://www.liverpoolstgallery.com.au

Click on the slideshow for a sneak peek at the exhibition.


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