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Dan Hoo’s “Psynaps” at A2Z Art Gallery, Hong Kong

Exhibition Views of “Psynaps” at A2Z Art Gallery, Hong Kong Dan Hoo
(Courtesy: A2Z Art Gallery)

A2Z Art Gallery is currently hosting a solo exhibition by Dan Hoo titled “Psynaps” at its Hong Kong venue.

Marking his first exhibition at the gallery, the exhibition showcases the artist’s latest works. The artist practices a vigorous application of his chosen material, allowing his audience to find a point of connection between the heartfelt emotions and the psychologically induced feelings. Through his creations, the viewer can take an introspective journey to discover these connections of pigments and color. Through the artist’s practice, the role of art, both from a psychological and a neurological perspective, becomes ever more apparent, allowing for an uninhibited appreciation and clear understanding by its audience. Through 30 years of studying this phenomenon, Dan Hoo focuses on the interaction between the artist and the viewer.

Commenting on the exhibition, the gallery says, “It’s widely understood in the neuroscientific field that the human brain is filled with billions of neurons ‘talking’ to one another. This action happens at the synapse, the point of communication between two neurons. Synapses are chemical and electrical messages flowing directly between cells. When questioning whether neural systems might be involved in art production and art reception, scientists and scholars agree that these processes are active, and engaging the individual involved. In ancient Greece, the famed philosopher Aristotle was in favor of this cardiocentric (heart-centered) model. Aristotle opposed the brain-centered model taught by his teacher Plato, who said that the ‘eyes, ears, tongue, hands, and feet act in accordance with the discernment of the brain.’ It is now known in modern science that the heart has its own nervous system that is composed of approximately 40,000 neurons and it is said that our heart has its own ‘mini-brain.’ Surprisingly, Aristotle may not have been completely wrong, it seems that the heart is not just a muscle pump, as many believe it to be. This cardiocentric vs. encephalocentric historical narrative is mirrored through the critique of Dan Hoo’s series ‘Psynaps.’ Standing before a Dan Hoo artwork and allowing the meditative effect of the composition to wash over you is to access the source of the creation as originally intended by the artist.”

The exhibition will be on view through July 29, 2018, at A2Z Art Gallery, 20 Gage Street, Central, Hong Kong.

For details visit: http://www.a2z-art.com

Click on the slideshow for a sneak peek at the exhibition.


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