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Foster + Partners' Apple Store in Macau is a “New Oasis of Calm”

Foster + Partners' Apple Store in Macau is a “New Oasis of Calm”
Apple Store, Sands Cotai Central, Macau - exterior at night with the cube illuminated and bamboo planting framing the entrance with people.
(Courtesy Nigel Young, Foster + Partners via ArchDaily)

Foster + Partners’ Apple Store in Macau opened last week. With the use of stone, glass, and bamboo, the London-based architecture and design firm has cretaed a “new oasis of calm” in a buzzing city. The design, created by Foster + Partners in collaboration with Apple’s chief design officer Sir Jonathan Ive, was conceptualized as “an inviting, contemplative space, where technology, entertainment, and arts come together to make a positive contribution to the city,” reported ArchDaily.

“We wanted to create something very simple and pure — a beautiful and elegant building that complements the sounds, sights, and colors of Macau while embodying a sense of clarity and quietude. The design creates two distinct spaces, one inside and one outside, imbued with a sense of authentic beauty arising from the innovative use of natural materials,” said Stefan Behling, Head of Studio, Foster + Partners.

“Apple Cotai Central is conceptualized as a ‘paper lantern’ that glows mysteriously. Visitors entering the store are treated to a magical experience, surrounded by glowing stone panels that shimmer throughout the day as the sun brings them to life, while at night the cube radiates a warm glow, contrasting against the bright lights of Macau. The first-of-its kind glass-stone composite facade comprises five layers of glass integrated with incredibly thin layers of stone, which gives the building its distinctive materiality — appearing as translucent stone walls, akin to stained-glass. The structural frame is supported by just three corner columns wrapped in mirrored stainless-steel that reflect the patterns and colors of the facade, dematerializing the structure and blending seamlessly with the surrounding environment. The interior is designed as the exact spatial inverse of the plaza, with a quiet bamboo grove carved from the forest outside and placed under the soaring central atrium,” stated Foster + Partners.

“Two grand stone staircases lead to the upper level, lit by skylight strips that bring in filtered natural light. Display tables are arranged around the central atrium looking onto the bamboo grove below,” added Foster + Partners.

Founder: Louise Blouin