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Gucci’s Latest CSR Initiative: Gucci Equilibrium, To Inspire and Motivate

Gucci Equilibrium
(Courtesy: Gucci )

As part of the corporate social responsibility, World Environment Day saw the launch of Gucci Equilibrium, a new portal connecting people, planet and purpose as part of a 10-year plan to embed a comprehensive sustainability strategy into and around the brand, governed by a Culture of Purpose—consisting of three pillars covering the environment, people and new models of sustainable innovation.

Gucci believes that in the environment we thrive. “Gucci is committed to reducing its environmental impacts and is setting ambitious targets to create a new standard in luxury retail, for example, guaranteeing the traceability of 95% of raw materials. Gucci has pioneered the development of Scrap-less, a program running in association with tanneries to transform the environmental profile of the leather industry,” says the Gucci release.

Gucci believes in people. Gucci recognizes the value of its employees, is dedicated to enhancing the lives of the people who make its products, and is focused on supporting communities. Gucci Equilibrium features "I was a Sari", a social enterprise founded by Stefano Funari that perfectly encapsulates Gucci’s drive toward social empowerment and commitment to the circular economy.

As per the release, in new models Gucci envision the future. Gucci continues to develop new solutions by applying technical innovation to improve efficiency in its production and logistics. Gucci ArtLab, opened in April 2018, stands at over 37.000 square meters with over 800 employees, creating a start-up environment for radical innovation and fusing both industrial craftsmanship and experimentation.

Gucci Equilibrium is designed to inspire and motivate. This is the place where Gucci sets out its goals and they celebrate the concrete actions that are making a difference. This is where they balance their desires and their ambitions with their values and their commitment to a responsible future. Working together they are stronger. Working together they are in unison. They thank and invite everyone on the journey towards greater Equilibrium.

“Our Culture of Purpose helps us to decide how we spend our time and where we place our energies… Rethinking how we produce and which materials we use, requires confidence. It also needs a step-change in both mindset and approach. Welcome to Gucci Equilibrium. This is the heart of Gucci’s mission to bring positive change in order to secure our collective future,” says the Gucci website.

Click on the slideshow for a sneak peek into the Gucci campaign