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Masterpiece London Showcases Marina Abramović Series

Masterpiece London Showcases Marina Abramović Series
"Five Stages of Maya Dance," 2018, by Marina Abramović, presented by Factum Arte and Lisson Gallery at Masterpiece Presents.
(Photo: Oak Taylor Smith for Factum Arte)

“Five Stages of Maya Dance,” a series of five works by Marina Abramović, known mostly for her dramatic and challenging performance art, casts her ephemeral expressions in stone.

The five 3D alabaster artworks combine performance, photography and digital technology to create illuminated sculptural portraits of Abramović that look different from every angle. The works will anchor the Masterpiece Presents exhibition space within the Masterpiece London art fair, June 28-July 4.

Abramović created “Five Stages of Maya Dance” in 2013 collaboration with Factum Arte, a workshop that specializes in helping artists use technology in innovative ways to create new works. Lisson Gallery is co-presenting “Maya” with Factum Arte.  

“At this point of my life, facing mortality, I hence decided to capture my performance in a more permanent material than just film and photography,” Abramović has said of the series. “I chose alabaster based on its history and properties.”

The project is the centerpiece of the second edition of Masterpiece Presents. Ivan Navarro’s “Impenetrable Room,” a series of green light installations commissioned by Paul Kasmin Gallery, was the star attraction last year.

“These sculptures in alabaster show the possibilities of working with a translucent material using tone as relief to produce optical effects in the viewer´s eye,” Factum Arte says of the work. “The portraits are the result of a number of visits to the workshop, experiments with 3D scanning and some innovative thoughts about the ephemeral and the permanent.”

With operations in Madrid, London and Milan, Factum Arte “consists of a team of artists, technicians and conservators dedicated to digital mediation — both in the production of works for Contemporary artists and in the production of facsimiles as part of a coherent approach to preservation and dissemination,” the company’s website says. “Bespoke equipment has been designed and software has been written to obtain optimum results in both recording and outputting digital information. Factum Arte’s non-contact methodologies are having a growing impact on the world of conservation and are defining the role facsimiles play in in the protection of our cultural heritage.”

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