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Why Jeff Ross won’t stop making Jokes on Trump

Why Jeff Ross won’t stop making Jokes on Trump
Funnyman Jeff Ross

Funnyman Jeff Ross simply loves to intimidate people and no one really minds it. Known as The “Roastmaster General,” in the comedy world. Since he was a kid growing up in Springfield, New Jersey, Ross always felt  proud to live in a country where you could “make fun of anything,” including the president of the United States. And even though Donald Trump has seemingly refused to laugh at himself in public, Ross claims that he knows a different side of the president. Ross says that when he tells a joke about Donald Trump, he knows that he will definitely enjoy a good laugh. He says this from experience.

He wrote in a recent article for The Daily Beast stating “I’ve roasted you twice for charity and you’ve always been a good sport and even called me afterwards to tell me how much fun you had,” urging the American President to reconsider his decision to skip the annual White House Correspondents’ Dinner.

Ross told the web magazine that if he got a chance to directly speak with the president, he says he would tell him it would be beneficial for him to show his constituents that he can “take a joke,” because a roast is “not a court of law, it’s not a debate. It’s a party. And it’s a great exercise of free speech.”

Some time back, Ross was performing at a benefit for Chrysalis, an L.A.-based non-profit organization that helps people in poverty get jobs.

There, he did a slew of jokes about Trump during his set and afterwards someone came up to him to tell him how brave he was to tell jokes that the president would simply hate.

Ross is confident that Trump would love his jokes and he would be repeating them to his friends. In public though, he may pretend to be offended and deride them, but that’s part of his work.

Ross recalls that once he had cracked a joke about Hillary Clinton that got the biggest laugh of the night from the liberal L.A. audience. Ross was in New York on Election Night and got invited to Hillary Clinton’s victory party. The comedian is no stranger to controversy, having dressed up as figures like Joe Paterno and Muammar Gaddafi  for past Comedy Central roasts. In 2012, at the Roast of Roseanne Barr, he told a series of jokes about the mass shooting at a movie theater in Aurora, Colorado.


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