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Title: “Buildings that Fill My Eye: The Architectural Heritage of Yemen” at Pergamonmuseum

“View across the al-Ameriyya mosque to the fortress of Rada,” Trevor Marchand
( © Photo: T. Marchand)

Architectural finesse defines the cultural richness of Yemen. Characterized by grand forts, palatial houses, stunning mountaintop settlements, and an interconnection of vast stone-paved pathways, ancient Yemen is the epitome of prosperity as a civilization.

Showcasing a collection of photographs taken by architect and social anthropologist Trevor Marchand between 1990 and 1998, alongside historic photographs, taken around 1900 by explorer Hermann Burchardt, Pergamonmuseum in Berlin will host an extraordinary exhibition highlighting the architectural heritage of Yemen. The display, titled “Buildings that Fill My Eye: The Architectural Heritage of Yemen” will run from July 13 through October 14, 2018.

“Yemen’s built environment is characterized by sturdy forts and fortifications, towering houses and strategically-perched mountaintop villages, connected by vast networks of stone-paved pathways. Their steeply-terraced fields are watered by impressive irrigation networks. Generations of highly skilled craftspeople have used indigenous technologies and the materials-to-hand to create splendid architectural assemblages — in the words of a master mason,” writes Pergamonmuseum.

The photographs by Trevor Marchand were taken during his 13-month apprenticeship with master minaret builders in Yemen. The photographs by Hermann Burchardt is brought on loan from the Ethnologisches Museum and Dr. W.-D. Lemke. These images capture Yamen’s compositional diversity and its connection to the natural setting of the kingdom. The exhibit would show architectural examples from Yamen’s different regions — from the Red Sea to the highlands, across the desert to the Wadi Hadhramaut and the Indian Ocean, thus bringing out the differences architecture that topography and climatic diversity bring out.

What is often going unnoticed by the world community is that the bitter civil war of Yemen is bringing with it the mass destruction of historical monuments. Monuments under three ancient cities of Yemen-Shibam, Sana’a, and Zabid, a part of UNESCO World Heritage list are battered by the conflict. This exhibition is an attempt on the part of the museum to raise awareness of its cultural and historical importance of Yemen, bring attention to the pressing need for international collaboration to protect its precious heritage while also offering viewers the splendorous facade of Yemen’s heritage.

“Buildings that Fill My Eye: The Architectural Heritage of Yemen” will be on view from  July 13 through October 14, 2018, at Pergamon Museum, Bodestraße 1-3, 10178 Berlin, Germany.

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Click on the slideshow for a sneak peek at the exhibition.


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