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Hostler Burrows at Design Basel 2018

Hostler Burrows at Design Basel 2018
“Platinum Tipped Light Green Cluster,” 2018, by Eva Zethraeus (1971, Sweden), Porcelain with glaze and platinum (wall piece), 12.25" H x 17.75" W x 10.75” D
(Courtesy: Hostler Burrows)

Hostler Burrows is introducing an integration of twentieth-century and contemporary Nordic and international design with a focus on studio ceramics for Design Basel 2018.

The gallery is featuring Jasmine Anoschkin’s fantasy animals that are strikingly fresh in their playful and animated natures, which belie deeper qualities confronting issues around diversity and the way different beings can live in the world.

Maren Kloppmann is presenting her architectonic wall sculptures. Both her large and small-scale installations are a study in the reconciliation of the divergent qualities of natural and man-made structures by creating a visual dialog between the two aesthetic aspects. She creates sculptural wall installations and porcelain vessels, employing a combination of techniques that include throwing, slab building and coiling, with an apparent focus on the three dimensional space that the pieces occupy.

Pekka Paikkari is acclaimed for his versatile utility ware, his unique ceramic works, and his monumental public sculptures. For Paikkari clay acts as a unifier between his artwork and the viewer, both presenting and keeping a history within itself. Offering a story through his works is his goal, whether through a building’s facade, a dynamic wall installation, or his large object sculptures.

The collaborative project between Swedish furniture designer Louise Hederstrom and upholsterer Carina Grefmar explore the opportunities and possibilities to challenge the leather, its sculptural possibilities, and the possibilities of creating seating with an organic expression. As always, focusing on high quality craftsmanship and resourceful use of discarded or third-rate leather from Swedish cows. The shape is inspired by the messy, non-perfect, and characteristic forms found in a natural forest.

For her newest series of work, Eva Zethraeus takes inspiration from the phenomenon of the virus. She is taken in with the undeniable beauty of the life cycles of these microorganisms — how a microscopic cluster of genes and proteins can win over a host’s complicated defense mechanisms and, in multiplying, ensure its own survival. Her exquisitely-wrought sculptures are the labors of a painstaking and complicated process, all the more wondrous as the finished works’ organic appearance belies the labors of the artist.

Galerie Philippe Gravier is exhibiting through June 17, 2018 at Design Miami/ Basel, Booth G09, Hall 1 Sud, Messe Basel, Switzerland.                                               

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