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“As above so below” by Xiongyu at Line Gallery, Beijing

“Falling Stone and Champaign,” 2014 Xiongyu Oil on Canvas 195×418cm Line Gallery, Beijing
(Courtesy of artist & Line Gallery, Beijing)

Line Gallery is showcasing “As above so below,”a solo exhibition of oil paintings by Chinese artist Xiongyu in Beijing.

This exhibition consists of 18 artworks of the artist: “Falling Stone and Champaign” (2014), oil on canvas; “Watchman” (2017), oil on canvas; “Corridor and Time” (2017), oil on canvas; “Princeton” (2017), oil on canvas; “Fading Body-1” and “Fading Body-2” (2017), oil on canvas; “Silent Speaker” (2017), oil on canvas; “Listen to Life” (2016), oil on canvas; and “The Last Visitor” (2016), oil on canvas; “Cowardice” (2016), oil on Canvas; among others.

“In that era, human bodies rendered in sculptures were not human beings for real, and they were merely employed by artists to represent a variety of dramatic dynamics, activities, miens and tensions. The figures that have appeared in my paintings are neither a certain person nor any specific characters. They are never entitled with a truly existent identity, and they are enclosed in creation. To me, an illusory human being is in fact a true existence, or even a truer existence. Some previous critiques allege that figures in my works have represented the confusion and alienation of the new generations, but actually I think I wanted to express more,” the artist says.

Xiongyu was born in 1975 in Chengdu of Sichuan Province. He graduated from the middle school of Sichuan Academy of Fine Arts in 1995, and studied at the oil painting department of Sichuan Academy of Fine Arts. In 1999, he graduated in oil painting from Sichuan Academy of Fine Arts.

Xiongyu is an important member of Chinese oil painting from the “Sichuan School of Painting.” His work has been showcased in several gallery and museum exhibitions including at the Nature Morte, Berlin; and at the China Blue Gallery; and The 10th Havana Biennial. He participated and was awarded with “Youth Art Exhibition of Sichuan Province” in Chengdu. In 2004, his works got Bronze Prize in “Mood of the Youth — Exhibition of Reworded Paintings of Chinese Newly Emerging Artists” in Shenzhen.

“As above so below” will run through June 21, 2018, at Line Gallery, 9 Huizhong Rd, Chaoyang Qu, Beijing Shi, China, 100101.

For details, visit: http://www.blouinartinfo.com/galleryguide/line-gallery/overview

Click on the slideshow for a sneak peek into the artworks.


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