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Prada Gives a Sneak Peek into its Nylon Farm

A still from the campaign
(Courtesy: Prada )

Prada recently gave a sneak peek into its Nylon Farm by releasing a few episodes of a short film on it.

Nylon Farm is the production site of Nylon, Prada’s iconic material. “After the special synthetic sheep are sheared, we arrive at the weaving process and creation of the finished product: everything is supervised by cutting-edge technologies and futuristic IT systems.  It may all seem perfect, but something in this place has gone beyond the normal production processes. A series of strange anomalies have interrupted the regularity of the Farm and required the launch of an investigation,” writes the Prada news release.

Discover how nylon, Prada’s emblematic material, is made. The video illustrates accurate production processes — including meticulous artisan techniques and cutting-edge technologies — leading to the creation of Prada Nylon collections.

The videos also take us through Valvigna Headquarters. “The futuristic set serving as a background for the Nylon Farm story is not fictional. It is the Prada Group industrial headquarters, located in Valvigna, Tuscany. A ‘garden-factory,’ designed by architect Guido Canali, in balance between architecture and nature. A unique place, respecting the territory, the workers and where the attention to details  harmoniously blends with avant-garde technology,” says the release.

In the garden factory of Valvigna, Tuscany, architecture explores the uncontaminated relation between constructions, rigor of design and freedom of natural elements. The restoration of a damaged environment and the mitigation of the impact of buildings on landscape are the priority.

The industrial headquarters in Valvigna hosts the production division and the development of the Prada and Miu Miu leather goods collections, the warehouses for raw materials, the historical archives of the leather goods and footwear collections, the offices for general services and industrial administration, an auditorium, systems areas and the Prada Group data processing center.


As per the Prada website, Valvigna garden factory encompasses the highest expression of all the key themes of Guido Canali’s philosophy, also revealed in his previous projects. Workplaces are areas specifically conceived for people. Design creates a balance between green spaces and interiors based on the rigour of architectural design and the freedom of natural elements.

Spaces live in harmonic proportion, punctuated by ‘suspended’ roof gardens, places to rest and get in contact with nature. “Green steps, dirt tanks with row of vines, perspective cuts and glass ceilings that play with light, terracing and scenographic backdrops that embrace the structure offering workers the feeling of living in an harmonious,” says the website.

Click on the slideshow for a sneak peek at the stills from the video.