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En el Séptimo Día at BAM Harvey Cinemas, New York

A Still from En el Séptimo Día
(Courtesy:BAM Harvey Cinemas)

Maverick indie director of 'Girls Town' and 'Our Song,' Jim McKay returns to the big screen after 13 years with the brilliantly crafted tale of a Mexican-immigrant delivery guy in Brooklyn.

The film takes a compassionate, often humorous look at life in New York from the perspective of an undocumented Mexican immigrant. Jose is a young boy who works long hours doing bicycle deliveries for a restaurant and then spends his day off on the soccer fields of Sunset Park. When his team makes it to the championship, Jose and his teammates are absolutely thrilled. But hell breaks loose for Jose when his boss ruins the celebration by telling him that he has to work on Sundays as well, which is supposed to be the day of the finals. Knowing very well that he will be fired if he fails to turn up for work, Jose is forced to choose between his job and his game.

To give the film a natural feel, McKay has shot mostly on the streets of Brooklyn. En El Septimo Dia captures the essence of the struggles and solidarity that bind this migrant community together in this story that is universally relevant and a poignant tale of resilience and dignity. Fernando Cardona, the protagonist of the film has a deeply hypnotic face. Jim McKay’s confident and captivating independent feature once again makes it to the marquee. “En el Septimo Dia” meaning “On the Seventh Day” is a slice of the life film that makes a very pertinent point without getting preachy or loud. Cardona is handsome with bedroom eyes and a chiseled smile and throughout the entire movie his adorable features are set off by a rather unconventional haircut that is shaved all the way up on the sides, but is longish and combed on top, much like an oil-slicked Mohawk.

It could be one of the stories of a real life soccer player but Cardona’s Jose, an undocumented Mexican immigrant works as a delivery guy in Brooklyn. He does not speak very good English,  appears to be quite laconic, always underplaying his emotions. He is well aware of the fact that one wrong move could destroy everything he’s worked for. The stillness of expression on Cardona’s face reveals unspoken currents of fear, hope, and desire. He appears as a boy trapped in the body of a man who’s an old soul.

The film opens on June 8, 2018 and will run through Jun 14, 2018 at BAM Cinemas, 30 Lafayette Ave, Brooklyn, NY 11217

For details, visit: www.bam.org

Click on the slideshow for a sneak peek at the film.


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