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“Matter Out Of Place” at Maria Wettergren Galerie, Paris

“Made in Ruins,” 2009 – 2011, 90 x 100 x 180 cm, Photos By Stamers Kontor, © benandsebastian, Galerie Maria Wettergren
(Courtesy: Galerie Maria Wettergren)

Maria Wettergren Galerie is hosting the debut solo exhibition of the artist duo Benandsebastian in France titled “Matter Out Of Place” on view through September 15.

The title of the exhibition takes its reference from the British anthropologist Mary Douglas, who wrote “dirt is matter out of place” in her canonic work “Purity and Danger.” Douglas’ writing has a great influence on much of Benandsebastian’s work, perhaps most obviously in “Completely Dusty,” but also in “The Outsider/The Insider” (in relation to ideas of purity), and “The Gift” and also in relation to the bodily frailty and vulnerability implicit in “Seat and Made in Ruins.”

According to the gallery, Benandsebastian (Ben Clement, 1981, Oxford & Sebastian de la Cour, 1980, Copenhagen) graduated as architects from the Barlett University College London in 2006. Benandsebastian use the language of architecture as a means of addressing the relationship between the psychological spaces of the mind and the physical spaces of the body. Whether taking the form of architectural fragments, mechanical theaters or living artefacts, they question supposedly seamless systems of order. Trained in architecture and theoretically versed, their sculptures take on elaborate mechanics and extreme detailing, while embracing vast philosophical and sociological systems. Their hybrid work consists not only of the installations and sculptures that they construct, but also in the drawing out of the relationships between things: between context and object, between artwork and institution, between body and limb.

Benandsebastian’s works have been showcased in various museums in Europe, China and Japan, and are part of museum collections such as the Kanazawa Museum, Japan; Trapholt Museum, Denmark; and Shanghai Museum of Glass. Benandsebastian’s work can be seen at the solo show “Department of Voids” at Den Frie, Centre of Contemporary Art, Copenhagen, Denmark.

For “Completely Dusty,” the structure was provided by Benandsebastian and dust provided by Thorvaldsen’s Museum in Copenhagen. The work takes inspiration from Thorvaldsen’s plaster sculptures, whose porous surfaces are stained by decades of dust.

Fragments of ruined architecture and construction sites simultaneously, the delicately collapsing and elaborately erected “Made in Ruins & Seat [...]” stand as if caught in time. As both staircase and superstructure, chair and classical portico, ruin and construction site, the works exist in a state of spatial and temporal suspension.

“The Outsider/The Insider” consists of two chairs in one. “The Insider” is a slender white chair cast in white concrete, with detailing that is reduced to the absolute minimum. While “The Insider” strives for a purified ideal, “The Outsider” represents the complexities of potential. Its fragmented form comprises the wooden shuttering in which “The Insider” is cast.

“The Gift” is composed of a chair designed by Kaare Klint that is built into a vitrine designed by Kaare Klint. The chair, elevated, amputated and dysfunctional in its new position within the vitrine, is both pacified and enthroned.

 The exhibition is on view through September 15, 2018 at Galerie Maria Wettergren, 18 Rue Guenegaud 75006 Paris- France.

For details, visit: http://www.mariawettergren.com/

Click on the slideshow for a sneak peek at the exhibition.


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