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Eastern Noise Congregation - MMXVIII at Les Voutes, Paris

Eastern Noise Congregation-MMXVIII
(Courtesy:Les Voutes)

WV Sorcerer Productions & Waves present a one of its kind European tour that makes it possible for numerous Chinese artists of different generations to perform and let people of the West discover a new approach to various musical genres including Harsh Noise, Psychedelic, Drone, Ambient, and Free improvisation among other eastern genres.

The upcoming show will present the current Chinese Noise / Experimental scene, which is not widely known in Europe. This is largely due to the blocking of some media / social networks by the Chinese government. The show will highlight the highly active Asian music scene, underground or on the ground. This East / West meeting is being seen as a rare and rewarding experience, not just for the audience but also for the musicians themselves. Each of these musicians have something unique to offer.

Li Jianhong has been a pillar of the Chinese experimental scene since the 1990s. Li is the founder of various labels devoted to experimental music, and has collaborated with many renowned contemporary artists. His performances are always intense, either solo or in various formations (Vagus Nerve, Mind Fiber). This marks Li Jianhong’s first European tour. The Vaults will have to withstand the dreadful frequencies wrenched from his guitar conducted with ferocity.

Mei Zhiyong is the creator of the Fuzztape label and also member of the Nojiji collective. A true Stakhanovist of Noise, Mei Zhiyong ferments a concentrate of violence and cruelty. Since 2014, he has often toured Europe, China, and Japan. Mei has produced numerous albums alongside renowned artists like Dave Phillips, Kubota Kazuma, and Torturing Nurse. His latest studio endeavor in collaboration with Ryosuke Kiyasu consolidates his reputation as a mad DIY experimenter.

Wang Ziheng mostly performs Avant-garde Jazz and Free Improvisation. He seamlessly oscillates between sweetness and frenzy, the music of Ziheng is anchored above all in the tradition of free-jazz that he learnt from musicians like John Coltrane and Kaoru Abe. He is part of this new generation of musicians who have shaped the face of the Beijing underground scene.

Before the concert begins, there will be a broadcast of the documentary "Sonic Rituals," realized in 2014 by Mei Zhiyong, during his tour with “Dave Phillips” in China. These two sound activists traveled 17 cities and did 19 concerts. Thanks to sound, they were able to push back the language barrier that separated them and establish their own way of communicating. This visual testimony retraces their journey, in the image of their art, sans any concessions.

The show is on June 6, 2018 at Les Voutes, 19 Rue des Frigos, 75013 Paris

For details, visit http://www.lesvoutes.org/

Click on the slideshow from a sneak peek at stills from earlier performances.


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