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Citybeats Music Festival at New Morning, Paris

A Still of Ghalia Benali
(Courtesy:New Morning)

Paris will get to witness some of the finest musical creations of the Arab world as El Far3i, Maryem Saleh and Ghalia Benali get set to take centerstage at New Morning. A bit of trivia about these talented artists — El Far3i is a Palestinian percussionist, drummer, author and singer who lived in Amman, Jordan, and is now based in London. He develops a light folk music playing his guitar and singing poetic and solar lyrics. Soon after his first album “Soat Min Khashab” in which one gets a peek at his sensitivity and the beauty of his lyrics, he delivered a second opus in 2017 titled “Al Rajul al Khashabi.”  El Far3i is also a rapper with the band Far3 El Madakhel and co-founder of the group 47 Soul. El Far3i means “branch” in Arabic, and this is how this artist defines himself by staying firm to his roots in his land while spreading his branches across the world.

Today, Maryam Saleh is considered one of the major artists of her generation. The Egyptian artist composes and her intense songs blending the political, personal and philosophical. It’s Egyptian music, sprinkled with trip hop and psy-rock, in a subtle amalgam that characterizes her style. After a debut album “Mesh Baghanny” in 2012, Saleh joined her friend Zeid Hamdan, a stalwart of electronic Arabic music for a second opus “Halawella” in 2015. Saleh has worked with many independent groups that she co-founded. She picked up the revolutionary songs of “Sheikh Imam” and formed the group Baraka, a robust mix between her oriental voice and rock music. Today, Saleh is also part of the Lekhfa project with Maurice Louca and Tamer Abu Ghazale.

Third comes Ghalia Benali, who grew up in Tunisia and found herself surrounded not only by icons of Middle Eastern music but also French songs, Indian film music and Arabic poetry. These became the foundations of her music career. She returned to live in Belgium while still a teenager and learnt that she is an artist of the world; not just visually, but also as a singer, composer, actress, dancer and writer. Benali has built bridges between “here and there,” and when asked about her identity, she defines herself as a storyteller, who weaves links between different cultures and human stories. Her last concert is titled “One Hour Before the Gods Awake.”

The show is on June 4, 2018, at New Morning, 7 & 9, Rue des Petites Ecuries, 75010 Paris

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Click on the slideshow for a sneak peek at the performance.

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