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BuzzFeed working on documentary on R Kelly sexual misconduct allegations

BuzzFeed working on documentary on R Kelly sexual misconduct allegations
‘Unprecedented access to survivors’ ... A new documentary will examine allegations of sexual misconduct by R&B singer R Kelly.
(Photograph: Frank Franklin II/AP)

BuzzFeed is developing a documentary on R Kelly’s sexual abuse cases, and for the documentary, the feature will investigating all the allegations of abuse and sexual misconducts by the R&B singer.

The feature-length documentary is in production and the crew is looking into the cases of long-term abuse against young women. The BuzzFeed News has been joined by the Hulu as a co-developer of the film and the original reporter of these cases, reporter Jim DeRogatis is also contributing to the project along with Editor Marisa Carroll. [The Guardian & Variety]

The documentary will feature many key characters of Kelly’s shady past. These characters include several women who have alleged mistreatment by the artist. The documentary will be directed by Lyric R Cabral who is the director of Emmy-winning documentary, Terror. The documentary will be produced by Laura Poitras from Citizenfour, Risk and Charlotte Cook who are the co-founders of the documentary production company called, Field of Vision. [The Guardian]

Kelly has been accused of sexually abusing numerous women and girls over the past two decades. These accusations of sexual misconduct include allegations from at least five women last month alone. R Kelly was also involved in multiple cases of child pornography in 2002. But he was later acquitted of these cases. The R&B singer has never been convicted of any crime before.  [Variety]

In an interview with BBC Three for the documentary “R Kelly: The Sex Scandal Continues” the alleged former partner of the R&B singer, Lisa Van Allen, revealed that she was pregnant with R. Kelly’s child in 2002 but she went ahead to abort the child because she reportedly witnessed Kelly’s affinity to children. [BBC Three]

Bet quotes Lisa Van Allen, R. Kelly’s former partner:  "I loved him but at that point I knew that he liked young girls and I just wasn't, I didn't feel comfortable, enough to have a child with him."

BBC quotes Van Allen,: “This is a person that will put locking you in a room and being madly in love with you in the same sentence. That’s not normal. As soon as he violates you or makes you feel degraded he comes back with, ‘I think you’re so beautiful'.”

R Kelly has been constantly denying the allegations against him.

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