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Ondřej Krynek of Prague Design Week on the Best of Czech Republic’s Capital

Prague's famous red brick rooftops
(Kirkandmimi/ Pixabay)

Ondřej Krynek, the curator and founder of Prague Design Week, shares his favorite places in the Czech Republic’s hip and historic capital

How long have you been living in Prague?  

I’ve been here over 20 years.

What are your “can’t leave without seeing this” recommendations? 

The statue of Franz Kafka, near Quadrio shopping center; the National Gallery; the Museum of Decorative Arts in Prague.

What is the most overrated thing people advise visitors to check out when they're in town?  

Eating Trdelnik [a chimney cake made from rolled dough wrapped around a stick, then grilled and topped with sugar and walnut mix].

What restaurants or cafes would you recommend? 

Špejle, which specializes in skewers, and the cafe Kavarna co hleda jmeno.

Do you have a favorite signature Czech specialty? 

The vegetarian version of “svickova“ (roast sirloin in sour cream sauce with dumplings.)

How would you spend a free morning or afternoon in Prague? 

I’d have breakfast in Cafe Savoy, and take a row boat out on the Vltava River, which has a beautiful view of the Prague Castle.

Where would you head for the best shopping? 

Design Showroom J, which sells furniture, home accessories, and decorations.

What would you buy that feels like a “local” item? 

A “Republic” porcelain tray or bowl by Czech designer Maxim Velcovský. 

Or Czech beer, of course.

Where would you recommend people stay when they visit?  

I’d recommend Hotel Josef, in the Old Town, or somewhere in the Podbaba area.

What are the best venues to check out the city's art and design offerings? 

I’d say DOX Centre for Contemporary Art, and the National Gallery.

What are the best places to buy art or design pieces? 

Debut Gallery, and Male namesti.

What are the ideal spots to see live music? 

The Roxy club, and the cultural space Palac Akropolis.

What are your favorite bars to relax in after spending the day at the fair?  

The Cuban bar La Casa Havana.

Is there a designer you’d recommend — Czech or otherwise — who really captures the spirit of the city through their work?  

I’d say the designer Klara Šipkova, specifically with her collection of steel pieces called Citynet.