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Benjamin Hubert’s New Modular Furniture Series ‘Tape’

The “Tape” Collection by Benjamin Hubert's design studio Layer for Italian brand Moroso
(Courtesy: Layer)

Benjamin Hubert’s design studio Layer unveiled a new modular furniture collection “Tape” at recently held Salone del Mobile. “Tape,” featuring modular sofa and table, introduces a new way of bonding upholstery textiles together. The series marks the eighth collaboration between Benjamin Hubert and renowned Italian brand Moroso.

The uniqueness of the “Tape” collection lies in fixing the pieces of furniture together using a heat-sealing tape made of polyurethane rubber. The tape bonds smaller pieces of textile together, which would otherwise be discarded in the upholstery process and treated as waste. The technique is inspired by the sporting industry, where the tape is used in the construction of snowboarding, ski, and wet-weather gear.

Layer teamed up with a technical garment manufacturer to develop the tape technology for use in furniture, and advanced heat-bonding machinery was used in the construction. The fabrics used to upholster the modular sofa and to construct the hammock-like shelf beneath the table were taken from Danish textile brand Kvadrat. Both pieces were prototyped in the United Kingdom at the Layer studio.

The “Tape Sofa” being the first modular sofa designed by Layer, comprises of building blocks that can be put together in various contrasting and complementary combinations to suit a diverse range of interior spaces and styles. Each modular block has a seat, backrest, and an arm which is subdivided into smaller textile panels which are bonded together using polyurethane tape.

The graphic “Tape Table” is made from a steel tubular frame with a perforated steel table top. Magazines, newspapers, remotes, and other small items can be stored beneath the table top in a hammock-like textile shelf. This shelf is made using a piece of textile bonded with polyurethane tape, and the textile panel can be easily interchanged to vary the color and material combinations. The table is available in both coffee table and side table sizes.

Benjamin Hubert, Layer founder said: “At Layer we are always looking at fashion and technology trends in parallel industries. The Tape collection for Moroso is inspired by the technical and aesthetic properties of snowboard jackets, a technique we find fascinating. This method of bonding allowed us to highlight how you can use smaller pieces of waste textile to create more sustainable upholstered furniture.”                              

Founder Louise Blouin