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Channel 4 News Presenter Jon Snow Gives up 25% of His Pay for Gender-pay Gap

Channel 4 News Presenter Jon Snow Gives up 25% of His Pay for Gender-pay Gap
Image: Jon Snow is one of Channel 4’s most recognizable faces.
(Photograph: Murdo Macleod for The Guardian)

The Channel 4 television presenter shared that he had to take a bold stance and take a pay cut of 25 percent after he came across the publication of the gender pay gap figures.

Jon Snow, the 70-year-old newscaster at Channel 4 News of UK has voluntarily taken a pay cut of 25 percent from his salary to narrow the gender pay gap in the broadcast organization. The decision came after the government forced large companies like Channel 4 and ITN, the producer of Channel 4 News, to publish the average figure that they pay to men in comparison to women.  [The Guardian]

Daily Mail quotes Jon Snow’s statement on the matter: “ITN’s not so good when it comes to equal pay, but I’ve taken a gender pay cut. I did it as a cooperative gesture. I took the cut over two months ago — 25 percent. Alas, contractually, I am not able to disclose my salary then or now.”

As a Channel 4 News presenter, he works for Channel 4, which is under ITN, and when it comes to the pay gap, ITN isn’t quite the ideal. But speaking up to the employer, wasn’t quite easy for the news reader. [The Guardian]

Daily Mail further quotes Snow: “It’s a bit tricky because I’m employed by Channel 4, and they’re employed by ITN, so it was difficult to make the comparison [in gender pay gaps]. But anyway, the good thing is that money is now being spent on women. Mostly on women.”

The alarming gender pay gap was always a reality but the issue gained recent political attention in the broadcasting sector last year when the publicly funded organization BBC listed all its employees, including news presenters, who draw more than £150,000 as a salary. The amount is a fraction of the annual earnings of Snow. These figures highlight the disparity of the gender pay gap between men and women employed with BBC as presenters. Due to this listing, six of the BBC employees, Huw Edwards, John Humphrys, Nicky Campbell, Jon Sopel, Jeremy Vine and Nick Robinson went for a wage cut. [The Daily Mail & BBC]

The Guardian quotes Channel 4’s new chief executive Alex Mahon: “There is no quick fix, but identifying the complex and multiple reasons behind our gap is the first step towards tackling the fundamental issues at play.”

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