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United Visual Artists’ Site-Specific Installation ‘Spirit of the City’ at A/D/O

United Visual Artists’ Site-Specific Installation ‘Spirit of the City’ at A/D/O
Site-specific installation comprising of set of gold-mirrored columns by United Visual Artists at A/D/O
(Courtesy: A/D/O)

London-based United Visual Artists (UVA) has collaborated with MINI for a site-specific installation “Spirit of the City” at A/D/O, the creative space in Greenpoint, Brooklyn. The installation will be on view through September 2, 2018.

“Spirit of the City” probes the physical and emotional response individuals experience when navigating urban environments. The modular system has a set of gold-mirrored columns in a courtyard in Brooklyn, which spin around to reflect light patterns, visitors, and the surrounding brick walls. “Spirit of the City” was created exclusively for the outdoor courtyard at A/D/O.

“Our goal was to create a simple, yet transformative experience that metaphorically and physically reflects the surroundings of A/D/O and New York City at large,” says Matt Clark, Founder of UVA.

“Visitors can walk between a series of nine-foot-high (2.74-metre) mirrored columns that rotate to offer changing reflections and refractions. Moving through the installation is intended to be both mesmerizing and disorientating — an experience that UVA likens to exploring Manhattan's built environment of super-tall glass skyscrapers,” reports Dezeen.

Since each column has a polished reflective surface, it magnifies the movement of neighboring columns and recruits the surrounding environment — the sun, sky, and Greenpoint’s industrial setting — into the experience of the piece. As day turns to dusk, the piece takes on another personality, illuminated by sodium vapor lamps which reference the unique vibrancy of cities at night.

“We built A/D/O to help explore the future of design — because at MINI we believe that design can tip the scales towards a more humane world,” says Esther Bahne, Head of Brand Strategy and Business Innovation at MINI. “‘Spirit of the City’ presents an optimistic vision of a city that reflects and adapts to people’s feelings and desires. A city that energizes you. This is a vision we aim to contribute to with our products and initiatives such as A/D/O,” adds Bahne.

Built for designers yet open to all, A/D/O provides a unique environment for creative work while also inviting the public into its 23,000 square-foot space in Greenpoint, Brooklyn to explore the future of design through a range of installations, exhibitions, and events.

 “Spirit of the City” is on view through September 2, 2018 at A/D/O, 29 Norman Avenue, Greenpoint Brooklyn, NY- USA.


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