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MANIERA launches MANIERA 14 & 17 by PRODUCTORA and Piovenefabi

“Mètro Series- Screen,”2017, by MANIERA 17 Piovenefabi, Stainless steel, coated, L 190 x W 40 x H 190 cm, Limited edition of 6 + 1 prototype + 2 AP, MANIERA
(Courtesy: MANIERA)

MANIERA at its Brussels venue has launched the newest furniture set “MANIERA 14 & 17 by PRODUCTORA and Piovenefabi” that will be on view through June 30, 2018.

The architectural and design practices Piovenefabi and PRODUCTORA talk about the relation between a city and furniture. In two recent exhibitions in North America, these two practices — one based in Milan and the other in Mexico City — disclosed critical notions regarding the various relations between the two scales.

“In the Piovenefabi installation titled ‘Metro,’ which was created for the 2017 Chicago Architecture Biennial, the architects reinterpret the Milan Metro subway system elements as a series of furniture pieces. Designed by Franco Albini and Franca Helg with the graphic designer Bob Noorda, Italy’s first subway line was inaugurated in 1964 at a time of optimism in post-war Italy. During this project, the first section of which took seven years to complete, collaborations with manufacturers yielded new materials and customized products such as the Pirelli black rubber floor: now ubiquitous, not many know its origin,” says the gallery.

“Piovenefabi revisits both the materials and individual elements of the subway network. Collaborating with some of the original manufacturers, the architects produced a screen, a locker, a table made out of Silipol, a colorful stained concrete that was used as wall panels, and a bright red lamp made from the Metro’s curving handrail, which was both a utilitarian device and a graphic way-finding system. The ‘Metro’ series relates what is public and metropolitan in scale to what is private and domestic, creating what the architects refer to as a ‘new domestic landscape’: a reference to the exhibition that introduced radical Italian design to the world at the Museum of Modern Art,” adds the gallery.

The gallery says, “In PRODUCTORA’s Columbus Circles’ installation for the inaugural Exhibit Columbus, a series of cylindrical urban furniture was inserted into the city; each piece was site-specific and interacted with its surrounding context. Built out of various local materials, the furniture foregrounded different histories and narratives of the installation environment. For example, a customized terrazzo blended disparate colors of the adjacent materials on the street.”

“Whether through a direct intervention in the public spaces of the city with domestically scaled artifacts or by importing and reinterpreting the history and memory of public spaces into the domestic space, both PRODUCTORA and Piovenefabi are able to reveal their larger position towards architecture and the city. They remind us, as did those before them, that architecture falls somewhere between a piece of furniture and a city,” writes the gallery.

The exhibition is on view through June 30, 2018 at MANIERA, 27 – 28, Place De La Justice, Brussels- Belgium.

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