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‘Minding the Digital’ at Design Society, Shenzhen

‘Minding the Digital’ at Design Society, Shenzhen
ANIMA II, 2017, by Nick Verstand in collaboration with onformative, Salvador Breed, Pufferfish, Photo credit: Onformative
(Courtesy: Design Society)

Design Society, Shenzhen is hosting a large-scale, speculative show “Minding the Digital” at the Main Gallery. Featuring about 60 China-based and international works from leading and emerging creative practices, the show reflects the unprecedented impact of digitalization in China and beyond.

“Minding the Digital” addresses these issues through a cross-disciplinary array of design from more than 50 established practitioners around the world as well as a digital generation of talents based in China. It brings the audience into a wonderworld of immersive design and experiences shaped by digital technologies. Digitalization can open up cross-disciplinary, technology-driven approaches to ideation, problem-solving, and fabrication which are revolutionizing the design industry. However, through human-centric design approaches, digitalization can also enhance connections with us, the others, our heritage and communities innovatively. The audience will be guided to question and reflect upon these digital-led opportunities and challenges through three key sections: Digital Encounter, Digital Interactions, and Digital Participation.

Digital Encounter discusses the interplay between human and machine intelligence in design, questioning whether they will complement or contest in the digital era. This section showcases 3D printed chair Microstructures by Dutch designer Joris Laarman, “Solid C2 Chair” by French designer Patrick Jouin, digitally fabricated furniture by Chinese designer Zhang Zhoujie, and many more designers.

Digital Interactions first illustrates the growing intimacy and empathy between us and design objects and interfaces, juxtaposed with alternative design practices which reinvigorate connections between us, the others, and our history. Design such as the reactive, human-like sphere ANIMA by Dutch artist Nick Verstand can intelligently interpret our body movements and portrays its character by responding with audiovisual expressions.

The last section Digital Participation invites the audience to experience the power of design as an innovative force in the industry and also our communities. It features Design Society’s original research led by Programme Director Zhao Rong and Senior Curator Carrie Chan, illustrating how China’s design ecology is being shaped by the latest digital technologies and the Internet Plus strategy.

 “Minding the Digital” is on view through June 3, 2018 at Design Society, 1187 Wanghai Road, Shekou, Nanshan, Shenzhen, China.


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